mini tummy tuck surgery, also called mini-abdominoplasty, targets a specific area, aka the fat under your belly button. It less invasive than a full abdominoplasty.

This procedure is to be suitable for patients:

  • Struggling with loose skin at the lower stomach.
  • Who are in a healthy weight range but with some extra fat around the tummy that can be difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise.

To sum up, the indication for a mini tummy tuck is excess fat and lower abdominal skin with or without laxity from the lower abdominal wall. The upper abdomen should be in good shape, though.

While you are standing straight up, you may look like you have a flat stomach. But you could notice a small amount of skin that sits above your bikini line or knickers when sitting down—not flattering at all!

However, you should be careful and ask yourself if you are the right candidate for this procedure. If you need a standard abdominoplasty and you select a mini tummy tuck procedure, you will end up very disappointed.

So, even though most patients can be good candidates, you have to undergo a thorough evaluation to find out which procedure is the right option for you. Here is where the experience of the surgeon is of utmost importance. You should put yourself in the hands of professionals at the upfront of the most advanced techniques.

Tummy Tuck vs Mini Tummy Tuck

How Does a Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure Work?

Mini tummy tuck purpose is to flatten the abdomen and eliminate the pooch usually found in the lower belly.

The procedure is straightforward and may involve the suturing of the muscles in your lower abdomen. The suturing, however, is not visible from the outside.

In case of excess skin, it is cut away, and the remaining is laid flat. This is why you may also see a reduction in your stretch marks, based on where they’re placed and how much skin is trimmed.

Some patients may require more surgical procedures, though, including liposuction. It is typically required when there is excess fat.

Here’s how the mini tummy tuck works:

  • Your doctor will make an incision – between 4” to 8” long – to your lower abdomen. The incision is as big as a C-section scar.
  • If you have had a C-section or any other similar surgery, your doctor may use the same incision to perform the procedure. However, the new incision might be slightly longer.
  • Your doctor will remove the excess skin before tightening the loose muscles. Then, he will pull the remaining skin into position and stitch it back into place to give you a flatter stomach.

The mini-abdominoplasty can take nearly 1-2 hours to complete. It is done under general anaesthetic so that you won´t feel a thing throughout the procedure.

Mini Tummy Tuck Scars


Since puppy fat or weight gain after pregnancy is common, many new mothers opt for this procedure to look the way they did pre-birth of their child. However, it should not be done at the same time as the C-Section.

A mini tummy tuck is more affordable than a full abdominoplasty. It is also less invasive and easier to recover from. Also, it is more reliable and with fewer risks.

Combined with VASER lipo sculpturing technology, you get the added benefit of skin tightening effect. Especially around the hips, outer thighs, or inner thighs to achieve a better contour.

Vaser lipo can stimulate collagen and elastin production to achieve optimum body shaping.

But, as explained earlier, the procedure is meant to help people with excess fat around the abdomen and hips. But it is not a weight-loss treatment!

Dr. Benito recommends that before the surgical procedure, you should be near your ideal weight. You must lose weight, maintain healthy eating habits, and do regular exercise before your surgery.

After all, weight loss comes with several benefits. It helps people feel lighter, better, and happier. Plus, it is also good for your overall health as excessive weight gain can result in medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression.

Some reports suggest that a mini-abdominoplasty can also help control blood pressure and blood sugar levels, though. But you should be healthy before undergoing surgery.

Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery: Post-Operative Care

Even though the mini tummy tuck is less invasive, you may have to spend the night at the hospital. Also, the recovery does require time off work as your body heals.

Drains will probably be placed at the time to avoid fluid build-up. However, they will be removed before you leave the hospital.

Overall, the recovery period can be between six to seven weeks, depending on factors such as your health status and age.

Expect some swelling and soreness post-operatively. Also, you will present mild to moderate pain or discomfort the first 3 – 5 days. But you will be prescribed painkillers.

Your doctor will give you some recovery tips for the next few weeks to speed up the healing process. You will be asked to avoid certain tasks that could cause you pain or jeopardize your new stomach or stitches.

The abdominal skin will feel tight for some time, and it will be difficult for you to stand up straight for several days.

Also, you will have to keep your knees slightly bend when lying in bed. Progressively you will regain more mobility without experiencing pain.

Patients can expect to go back to their daily activities after the first week. However, you should avoid strenuous exercise for six weeks.

Moderate exercise such as swimming or walking is recommended after four weeks post-surgery.

During the recovery period, you will have to wear a compression garment for the first three weeks. Then, for the next three weeks, you can use it only during the day.

The compression garment helps to support the skin, ease the pain, and decrease post-operative swelling.

The swelling will subside in 3 – 4 weeks. But it can take up to 3 months to see the final results.

Risks and Complications

Every surgical procedure carries risks involved, and a mini tummy tuck is no exception. Patients could present with numbness, swelling, and bruising, especially around the scar.

Some diminished or burning sensation is expected after surgery around the lower abdomen. However, this will spontaneously resolve in 3 – 6 months. Permanent numbness is unlikely.

Asymmetry and contour irregularities are uncommon when choosing a great cosmetic surgeon.

Less common and severe complications include bleeding, blood clots, infections, and thickness of scarring.

Mini Tummy Tuck – Frequently Asked Questions

How does a mini tummy tuck works?

The procedure involves removing excess skin and fat from around the abdominal area. It also includes muscle tightening. It is useful to get rid of stretch marks and make abdominal muscles more prominent by improving abdominal skin above.

Will the process change my belly button?

The process is like other body contour procedures, but it will not change your belly button. Conversely, a full tummy tuck does impact the belly button.

If you have concerns, you should book a consultation and discuss the issue with your plastic surgeon.

Are results from a mini tummy tuck permanent?

Results are permanent provided that you don’t get pregnant or have significant weight gain. The process doesn’t require follow-ups, but your doctor may ask you to stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Will there be a scar after the mini tummy tuck process?

A mini tummy tuck scar is at the incision site, which is usually below the bikini line. Hence, it will not be very noticeable when you’re wearing swimwear bottoms or underwear.

It is much like a C-Section scar, rather than the traditional hip-to-hip incision from the full tummy tuck.

In most cases, the scar will begin to fade after one year, especially if you treat it using creams or laser.

Does the process hurt?

You will feel no pain during the process due to the use of general anaesthetic. Actually, you will be asleep during the procedure. The pain comes after, during the recovery time, but it is manageable with the help of pain killers.

Does insurance cover the process?

No, your insurance will not cover the process since it is an elective surgery that is mainly performed for aesthetic reasons.


When a patient decides to go in for a mini tummy tuck, he/she could feel anxiety over the possible outcome. After all, realistic expectations are essential to ensure a good process too. And here is where computer simulations come into play.

When seeing before & after pictures, the patient can communicate the problematic areas and body goals to the surgeon.

Recent progress in photographic software allows the patient to see what the final result will be: what surgeons aim to achieve after the surgery. In that way, the surgeon and patient can be on the same page.

However, remember that computer simulation should in no way be considered as what the final result will be!

It should be seen as the outline of the surgical plan. It is designed to get you one step closer to the results and give you a clear preview.

Mini Tummy Tuck After


Mini Tummy Tuck cost depends on many factors as the quantity of fat and skin to reshape, and the surgery time.

Without meeting the patient we don’t offer approximate prices as each patient is a different case. But we know that the economic factor is important when it comes to making a decision.

Therefore, we offer the possibility for the patient to come to our facilities for a first free no-obligation visit. You can consult with the surgeon regarding all your doubts and worries. According to your characteristics, we will offer the best solution and the best price for your mini abdominoplasty.


With more than 20 years of experience, Doctor Benito is a renowned specialist in abdominoplasty surgery combined with liposuction. This recently developed technique is called lipoabdominoplasty.

Doctor Jesús Benito is a recognised authority in Spain in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Doctor Jesus Benito - Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Jesús Benito

Specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

  • Secretary of the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).
  • Former president of the Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (AECEP).
  • 2013 Gold Medal (Forum Europa)

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