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There are two reasons why every year thousands of patients come to Spain to receive dental treatment: quality and price.

Spain is among the most competitive countries in the European Union in terms of dentistry.

Dental treatment costs approximately half that of the United Kingdom.

4 reasons why you can trust in Vivanta – Plénido Dental:

Best Dental Clinic in Spain, Barcelona


More than 100,000 procedures carried out with a 99% success rate. Vivanta – Plénido Dental only works with the best materials on the market all of which are tested and guaranteed. It is a centre which is especially strict when it comes to sterilizing. It undergoes regular bacteriological testing which continually indicates the asepsis level of the facilities.

Having an own prosthetic laboratory guarantees that the prosthesis corresponds exactly to the needs of the patient. The clinic uses telemedicine links that allow it to share medical sessions with the Universities of Gothenburg (Sweden) Umea (Sweden), Bergen (Sweden) and Vaasa (Finland) to reach a consensus on the more complex cases.

Plénido Dental has the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate which guarantees that the centre meets the requirements of a quality management system, and also recognizes its commitment to improving the quality of care and customer satisfaction.

Best Dental Clinic in Spain, Barcelona


Vivanta – Plénido Dental is a centre of reference in the dental industry.

Due to its more than 25 years of experience and thousands of successful treatments, the centre can deal with complex cases that other professionals can not because of the difficulty involved. The clinic specializes in the placement of implants into mouths which have very little bone.

It has personnel who are highly qualified and specialized in every specific area of dentistry, guaranteeing a completely personal treatment for each patient in their own language.

Best Dental Clinic in Spain, BarcelonaGuaranteed confort

The clinic has the most advanced means to deal with pain and to ensure minimum treatment time.

Some of the factors which contribute to the comfort of our patients are the year-round mild climate of Barcelona, the excellent Mediterranean diet and the location of the facilities themselves, situated in a pleasant environment, in the very centre of Barcelona. It can be easily reached by public transport.

Best Dental Clinic in Spain, BarcelonaSatisfaction

The high success rate of the operations carried out results in complete customer satisfaction. Many new patients come to the clinic on the recommendation of previous satisfied patients.

Treatments offered

maxillofacial surgery
periodontitis / gum disease
dental fillings / tooth fillings
tooth decay
halitosis / bad breath
bruxism / teeth grinding
dental night guards / occlusal splints

dental prosthesis
dental implant
not enough bone /bone loss on jaw
invisible orthodontics / dental splints
lingual orthodontics
ceramic brackets / ceramic braces
sapphire brackets
metallic brackets
dental whitening
dental veneers


Vallejo – I’m really happy (Plénido Dental)

17.02.2014 My main problem was that I only had 6 dental pieces and I always had problems with dentures.  So I decided to have the teeth I had left removed and have implants at Plénido Dental. I’m really happy. The treatment didn’t cause me any problems and I was even able to go to a wedding. It didn’t seem to drag on at all… I can’t think of any downside. I had been treated in two other centres before and the truth is I wasn’t happy with either of them.

T.Quibus – Hybrid prostheses over six upper implants and six lower implants (Plénido Dental)

11.05.2016 When I went to Plénido Dental my mouth was quite bad. And now the truth is I’m fantastic, I can laugh, I can eat… I seem like another person and I’m really happy.

Redondo – Periodontitis: “I have recommended clínica Plénido to many people”

03.08.2015 My name is Rosa, I am a teacher in early retirement and I have been receiving treatment for 18 years at Plénido Dental. I had a problem with bleeding gums and in particular the periodontal problem came to light when Dr. Hernán extracted a tooth and I had a pocket of pus there. He told me clearly that it was periodontitis and he introduced me to Dr. Alández of Plénido. My treatment consisted of lifting back the upper and lower gums and removing all the pockets of pus. The treatment I have received at Plénido Dental has been very pleasant. From the beginning Dr. Alández treated me like a friend. I have recommended Plénido Dental to many people because of the positive experience that I have had… and of course I will continue recommending it.

Alderete – Placement of implants All-on-4 “has completely changed my life” (Plénido Dental)

17.02.2014  I am very happy and satisfied. The operation in the Plénido Dental was marvellous. It wasn’t painful, I practically didn’t even notice it. Despite the time it took to implant the dentures, I didn’t notice anything nor did it seem that long. When I saw my new teeth, I felt a feeling of joy, I saw that it looked good. My life has changed completely. I don’t have to take my dentures out as they are fixed. For me it has been a great satisfaction and happiness. My family and friends are very happy, my wife being first in line. She has had two implants, two fixed teeth with a screw.

I had never heard of All-on-4, but they explained it to me and I decided to do it. And now I’m very happy that I had it done. I’m really satisfied with the treatment by the team, Dr Crespo was marvellous. They were very kind to me. When anyone asks me about it I tell them that they should do it because it’s fantastic. You don’t feel anything during the operation. And the next day you have the teeth in place and you can eat normally and enjoy life.

Eva – Placement of implants All-on-4 “After a year I feel great” (Plénido Dental)

17.02.2014   After a year I feel great, as if the teeth were my own. I’m happy with life. It has really been an incredible change.

The process wasn’t long at all, maybe a little uncomfortable but I didn’t feel any pain. It didn’t seem very long at all as they do it all on the same day.

Now I feel much more confident in any situation. My family and friends notice a difference in me, especially as they see that I am so happy. I received exquisite treatment at Plénido, they treated me very well, very kindly, very attentively… always alert to how I was and how I felt. I would recommend it to everybody.

Ramírez – Placement of implants All-on-4 “ease of paying for the treatment” (Plénido Dental)

24.01.2014  My favourite hobby is singing. One of the things that stopped me enjoying my hobby was when I started to lose my teeth. This started to cause me many problems both aesthetically and dietetically. I went to several places where they made removable dentures for me. There were three in total. I never got used to them. They made me feel sick, I couldn’t stand them. At Plénido I discovered the All-on-4 technique.

Some time has gone by and I have felt very well. Unlike the previous prostheses, with these I have felt they are part of me. I recommend that anyone who has the same problem should go to Plénido. One of the reasons why I recommend Plénido is the ease with which you can pay for your treatment. It can be done. It’s a great benefit, it changes your life.

Delgado – Very professional (Plénido Dental)

01.11.2015 I love the care they give and the good way they look after you. They are very professional.

Medina – Very good professionals (Plénido Dental)

15.10.2015 Very good professionals, very good personnel. Perfect smile.

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