Barraquer Eye Hospital (Barcelona, Spain) - Ophthalmology Center

Barraquer Eye Hospital (Barcelona, Spain)

Barraquer Eye Hospital (Barcelona, Spain) is specialized since 1941 in the treatment of eye diseases.

Each year, Barraquer Eye Hospital deals with more than 100,000 consultations, carries out some 15,000 surgical interventions and 5,000 laser treatments. These figures put Barraquer among the largest ophthalmological hospitals in the world.

4 reasons why you can trust in Barraquer Eye Hospital (Barcelona, Spain)

Barraquer Eye Hospital (Barcelona, Spain) - Ophthalmology Center


At an international level, Barraquer Eye Hospital stands out as the number one centre of reference for corneal transplants (300 transplants per year). It houses the first eye bank in Europe. Barraquer trains has research collaboration agreements with the leading ophthalmological laboratories for the development of new drugs and instrumentation.

Barraquer Eye Hospital (Barcelona, Spain) - Ophthalmology Center


Barraquer Eye Hospital has 5 equipped operating rooms fitted with the latest technology. It has also 7 laser operating rooms for refractive surgery and the treatment of other eye problems. Barraquer has several quality certificates which guarantee the service offered to the patient. It has a quality management system certificate in accordance with ISO 9001.2008 standard.

Barraquer Eye Hospital (Barcelona, Spain) - Ophthalmology CenterSatisfaction

Included among the patients of Barraquer Eye Hospital are the Spanish royal family, foreign rulers and important personalities of the world of art and economics. The high success rate of the procedures carried out results in complete customer satisfaction. Many new patients come to the clinic on the recommendation of previous satisfied patients.

Barraquer Eye Hospital (Barcelona, Spain) - Ophthalmology CenterGuaranteed confort

Some of the factors that contribute to patient comfort are mild climate of Barcelona and the excellent Mediterranean diet. Barraquer Eye Hospital is situated in a pleasant environment, in the very centre of Barcelona. It can be easily reached by public transport.

Barraquer Eye Hospital (Barcelona, Spain). Latest awards received

Barraquer Eye Hospital (Barcelona, Spain) - Ophthalmology CenterNovember 2019: Barraquer Eye Hospital is considered the best private ophthalmology hospital in Spain according to the Health Reputation Monitor (MRS).

December 2018: Doctor Elena Barraquer receives the award of excellence from the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute.

November 2018: Doctor Jeroni Nadal is appointed president of the Catalan Ophthalmology Society. He is also co-director of the Hope Retinal Implant artificial vision project for which he received the Bist Ignite award.

November 2017: Doctor Elena Barraquer is placed among the 50 best Spanish doctors according to Forbes magazine nº49. Doctor Elena Barraquer is one of the top five ophthalmologists.

September 2017: Professor Rafael Barraquer is appointed President of EVER (European Association for Vision and Eye Research).

Surgeries and treatments offered at Barraquer Eye Hospital (Barcelona, Spain)

Retinal Detachment – Vitrectomy Surgery
Retinopathy of Prematurity
Macular Hole
Macular Oedema
Epiretinal Membrane Surgery
Amniotic Membrane Coating
Panretinal Photocoagulation Laser
Diabetic Retinopathy
Hypertensive Retinopathy
Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)
Macular Degeneration (AMD)
AntiVEGF Injection
Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)
Glaucoma – Trabeculectomy
Laser Peripheral Iridotomy – Angle-closure Glaucoma
Optical Neuritis

Ophthalmology doctors at Barraquer Eye Hospital (Barcelona, Spain):

Doctor Elena Barraquer

Doctor Elena Barraquer

Specialist in cataract surgery and anterior segment of the eye
Doctor Rafael I. Barraquer

Doctor Rafael I. Barraquer

Specialist in cataract surgery, glaucoma, corneal transplant, refractive surgery and anterior segment of the eye

The eye specialists at Barraquer Eye Hospital are highly qualified and specialized. This fact guarantees a completely personalized treatment for each patient.

Meet the whole team.

Visit the facilities of Barraquer Eye Hospital (Barcelona, Spain)

Monographic center specializing in ophthalmology.

33 eye specialists.

100,000 queries – 15,000 surgical operations – 5,000 laser treatments.

First eye bank in continental Europe with more than 170,000 members.

44 beds and 19 day hospital box

5 highly equipped operating rooms

7 laser rooms

Barraquer Eye Hospital Facilities

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