In comparison with other destinations, Spain offers affordable prices for weight loss surgeries and treatments. It is one of the most common European destinations to undergo a sleeve gastrectomy, a gastric bypass, or a weight loss balloon.

The global number of patients with obesity has doubled in the last 25 years. This disease is associated with other health conditions like type 2 diabetes or cardiac diseases.

Initially, people can try to make several changes in their lifestyle, like follow medical advice, adjust their diet, do exercise or use some drugs to lose weight. However, these measures usually don’t led to good results. They aren’t just as effective and require a big commitment by the patients.

Surgery is the most effective treatment, especially in patients with a body mass index BMI of ≥35, with or without other medical conditions.

However, only 1% to 2 % of eligible patients decide to perform the surgery. Many patients avoid it because of many reasons; fear of “going under the knife,” elevated costs, complications, and other associated risks.


Endoscopic bariatric therapies (EBTs) have arisen over the years as a new option for many patients.

These non-surgical treatments bridge the gap between medical and surgical options.

Most patients with mild to moderate obesity (BMI 30–40) do not qualify for weight loss surgery and are often left out from surgical procedures.

So, there is a big gap for these patients or those with a BMI ≥40 who don’t want to undergo bariatric surgery.


EBTs are restrictive procedures, they reduce the available area so they induce satiation by altering gastric capacity.

This change in the stomach makes you feel full with less food, causing a change in your food intake.

In the endoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, patients can have a mean body weight loss up to 20%, with results that can be sustained over time.

With the gastric balloon, weight loss depends in part on the patient and if they make changes in their lives to make this procedure more effective.


They don’t require you to go into an operating room, and are done under sedation. Also, you won’t have scars, and can be reversed, but in some cases, patient needs another endoscopy to remove the balloon.

Endoscopic bariatric therapies are among the safest choices available in the market. They carry some risks similar to any routine endoscopy, with a mean rate of adverse events and complications of about 2,2%.

You could present some mild symptoms, such as abdominal pain, cramps, nausea, or vomiting, but these symptoms resolve in a few hours or days.

These effective treatments are greatly cheaper than weight loss surgery.

How Much Is Weight Loss Surgery?

Non-surgical (Endoscopic) Options

The cost of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty at Servidigest Barcelona Clinic (Spain) is 10,700 euros.

The price includes:

Preoperative exams (blood test, EKG, chest X-ray)
Digestive endoscopy, H. Pylori test
Visit with psychiatrist
Preoperative visit
Visit with anesthesiologist
Surgery team fees
Anesthesia team fees 1 day hospital stay
Bed and meals for accompanying person
Medical supplies during hospital stay

Follow-up appointments for 12 months

The cost of gastric balloon at Servidigest Barcelona clinic (Spain) is 4,800 euros.

The price includes:

First endocrinologist and digestive visit
Oral panendoscopy
Medical´s professional fees balloon implant.
Drugs and medical supplies
Gastric balloon.
Hospital ambulatory care services for the implant day
Medical´s professional fees balloon removal
Hospital ambulatory care services for the removal day
Psychologist visits.

Digestive system visits, endocrinologist, and dietitian visits included for a year.

Protocol for an endoscopic sleeve surgery

1- Blood test: complete blood count, coagulation, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphate, magnesium, urea, creatinine, estimated glomerular filtration rate (MDRD), glucose, HbA1c, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, uric acid, AST , ALT, FA, GGT, total bilirubin, albumin, ferritin, iron, transferrin saturation index, folic acid, vitamin B12, calcidiol, TSH.

24-hour urine exam: cortisol-free. Albumin / creatinine.

To save time, we recommend carrying out these examinations in your country. Normally the results take 5 to 6 days. That’s why it’s better to do them before so as not to prolong your stay in Barcelona. But if you prefer, they can be made by us.

2- Consultation with a specialist in the digestive system to exclude digestive pathologies, request a study with digestive endoscopy, H. Pylori test, and answer all your questions regarding the surgical procedure.

The consultation also allows us to know your clinical history: age, degree of obesity, associated metabolic diseases, absence or presence of other serious diseases.

A digestive endoscopy will be scheduled.

3- Consultation with a specialist in psychiatry to exclude psychiatric illnesses, eating disorders or drug addiction, which limit or hinder the proper follow-up and the effectiveness of the treatment.

The specialist must know the patient’s expectations, he must explain the risks of the intervention and the postoperative follow-up. If the patient does not have a report from his psychiatrist, the consultation can be done on site (price of the consultation and report: 200 euros. Included in the quote).

If all the results are correct, we will schedule the visit with the anesthetist and the day of the procedure. (The chest electrocardiogram and X-ray can be done in the clinic on the same day)

Surgical Options – Bariatric Surgery Cost

The cost of Gastric Sleeve at Servidigest Barcelona clinic (Spain) is 15,900 euros.

The price includes:

Endocrinologist visit
Bariatric surgeon visit
Psychiatric visit and medical report
Preoperative visit
Visit with anesthesiologist
Preoperative examinations
Surgical team fees
Anesthesia team fees
1 day stay in the intensive care unit (if needed)
4 day hospital stay
Medical supplies
Medicines during the hospital stay

Digestive system visits, endocrinologist, and dietitian visits included for a year.

The cost of Gastric Bypass at Servidigest Barcelona clinic (Spain) is 17,300 euros.

The price includes:

Endocrinologist visit
Bariatric surgeon visit
Visit and psychiatric report
Preoperative visit
Visit with anesthesiologist
Preoperative examinations
Blood tests
Surgical team fees
Anesthesia team fees
1 day stay in the intensive care unit (if needed)
4 day hospital stay
Medical supplies
Medicines during the hospital stay

Digestive system visits, endocrinologist, and dietitian visits included for a year.

A Final Word

Endoscopic bariatric therapies are considered practical weight loss tools.

However, a weight loss strategy is needed to maintain its long-term effect and impact on the health of the patients.

This includes an intense diet plan with caloric restriction, lifestyle changes, and exercise.

Why choose Servidigest Barcelona (Spain) ?

Servidigest is a center specialized in the digestive system, endocrinology, nutrition, dietetics, obesity, digestive and metabolic surgery.

The clinic is run by Doctor Josep Merlo Mas, a recognized authority in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, and in metabolic, nutritional and obesity diseases.

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