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Neck liposuction removes excess fat from under the chin and the sides of the neck. Also associated to double chin liposuction, this procedure can erase a double chin and give you a beautiful and smooth neckline.

There is no doubt that a poorly defined jawline and a bulgy neck contour can easily make you look older than you are. This can take a significant toll on your facial appearance and lower your self-esteem.

We know that weight gain and the natural aging process can slowly add more weight and sagging to the neck area over time. But genetics also play an important role.

However, you don’t have to keep hiding behind scarves and turtle necks! There are many surgical neck contouring options available. You just need to find the right one for you.

A neck liposuction can be combined with a neck lift or facial lift if there is significant loose skin. In that way, you can get a perfectly sculpted jawline and a younger-looking neckline.

So, is neck contouring what you need? Is a neck lift better for you? Does it hurt? Keep reading to learn more about this procedure.


Neck liposuction, also called submental liposuction, redefines the contour of the chin by removing excess fat in the chin and neck area. This is one of the most common areas for liposuction.

Both women and men tend to accumulate excess fat in the neck that causes a double chin. The reason for this is not always related to weight gain or the aging process. The hereditary component is very important.

This surgery allows for rejuvenation of this area. It may also provide more natural results when compared to a neck lift in younger patients.

During the procedure, the excess fat can be injected back into some areas of the face to restore volume and eliminate fine lines or wrinkles. The usual areas that require fat injections are the cheeks and smile lines running from the side of the nose to the mouth.


The main goal is to eliminate the double chin and redefine the angle between the face and neck. Through this neck contouring technique, your doctor can help you achieve the naturally beautiful neckline you have always dreamed of. Other benefits are:

  • A youthful and more refreshed look.
  • A defined neckline with no jowls.
  • Negligible scars, except for a tiny hole under the chin and/or below the earlobes.
  • A chiseled jawline.
  • Quick, safe, and minimally invasive.
  • Little downtime.
  • Long-term results provided that the patient maintains a stable weight.


If the skin is thick and toned, liposuction is the best solution to remove excess fat permanently. However, you should beware of thin and sagging skin. In this case, the surgery can be a total failure. On top of that, the skin can suffer from overtreatment and leave you with surface irregularities.

Also, bear in mind that even when you get a more defined neckline, which could give the illusion of an elegant slender neck, it won’t improve its length.

The same applies to patients with a weak chin or jaw. With a more defined jawline, this unflattering facial feature could be even more noticeable, and you may need fillers or a chin implant.

That’s why a qualified cosmetic surgeon must assess and evaluate your case. Only after careful consideration can he offer the best treatment plan specially tailored for you. Most of the time, you may need combined procedures on the neck and face to achieve the best results.


Liposuction allows removing fat from the neck to get a more youthful, perfectly sculpted neck and jawline. You are an ideal candidate for this procedure if you are in your 20’s through your early ’50s and have excess fat along with good skin elasticity and muscle tone.

Younger patients typically have an adequate skin tone that can retract smoothly and evenly after liposuction. After all, merely eliminating the fat without removing excess skin would cause the skin to hang, leading to a “turkey–neck” appearance.


For those patients with moderate amounts of sagging skin, neck liposuction can be done using Vaser technology. This ultrasound-assisted type of liposuction procedure is widely known to stimulate collagen and elastin production for a skin-tightening effect.

Also, it can often be combined with non-invasive treatments like ultracavitation to improve skin contraction. In this way, you avoid the scars, risks, and longer downtime associated with traditional facelift surgery.


There is no turning back when there is a severe case of skin folds and sagging. You must have a neck lift procedure to remove excess skin and get optimal results.

The components of a neck lift include liposuction plus fat contouring, lifting and tightening of the muscles, skin removal, and re-draping. Neck lift surgery can have two key components: platysmaplasty (to tighten the neck muscles) and cervicoplasty (to remove excess skin).

If you suffer from a turkey neck, go for the neck lift. If you have a double chin and jowls, you can´t go wrong with neck liposuction.

After all, neck contouring can involve a single procedure or be combined with other facial cosmetic surgeries for a more balanced and youthful look.


Considering that there are multiple options for neck contouring, you need a careful surgical consultation beforehand. During this check-up, the specialist will examine the affected areas and explain the procedure, along with the benefits and possible complications.

Your surgeon will make sure that you are at or near your ideal weight. Having liposuction can’t be seen as an easy fix to obesity. It’s all about refining and sculpting specific areas of stubborn fat. Otherwise, the long-term results will be disappointing.

A minimum of two consultations is necessary for a 15 days’ interval. During this time, your doctor will make sure that you are perfectly healthy and there are no contraindications for the surgery. Also, he will give you some preoperative recommendations like no smoking (to speed the healing process) or avoiding certain medications or herbal supplements before the surgery.

Aspirin, blood thinners, ibuprofen-like medication, and alcohol should be suspended days before the procedure. They could increase the chances of bleeding and bruising.


Liposuction gently removes the fat cells under the neck. It reshapes the neckline without even removing any skin.

The procedure takes about 30-45 minutes to perform under local anaesthetic plus light intravenous sedation. Patients are discharged the same day, shortly after the procedure.

The area to be sculpted is infiltrated with a mixture of saline solution, epinephrine (to shrink the blood vessels), and local anesthetic (to numb the area). This helps to separate the fat layer from the surrounding tissues. It also minimizes the risk of bruising and pain.

To remove fat, the cosmetic surgeon will make small incisions of 2 to 3 millimeters under the chin and behind each earlobe. Then, he will use a thin cannula (hollowed tube) connected to a vacuum device to gently suck out the fat.

In patients with moderate skin elasticity, ultrasound-assisted liposuction can help melt (emulsify) the fat before removal and tighten the overlying skin.

Even though this procedure is quick and minimally invasive, the neck area contains many veins. The surgeon must take special precautions to avoid them and reduce the risk of bruising or hematoma. So, thorough knowledge of the face and neck anatomy is essential to master this surgical procedure!


Following the procedure, patients typically have to wear an elastic bandage or supportive chin strap for about 3 or 4 days. This diminishes the swelling and helps the skin retract after the operation.

You will experience little or mild pain, but you will be prescribed painkillers to relieve any discomfort. The sutures used to close the tiny incisions will dissolve by themselves. The scars are invisible.

You can return to work after three days or within a week at the most. Also, be ready to return to full activity, including sports, after the second week.

Remember that it is typical to experience some swelling and bruising after liposuction. Arnica and ice packs can help you with this and keeping your head elevated at all times for the first week.

Bruises are typically located at the base of the neck. You can hide them with a scarf. They naturally disappear during the first 10 to 14 days after surgery.

There are some possible minor complications like bleeding or skin irregularities, but they are rare or transient. The patient can book drainage massages as they improve the quality of the results.


Nowadays, surgical advances and current techniques for this kind of liposuction help minimize post-operative risks and complications while getting natural and aesthetic results.

The results are definitive after three months when the swelling subsides. They prove to be excellent if the procedure is performed effectively.

The chin and neck are reshaped, and the profile is improved. Also, the neck contour gets a harmonious curve for a youthful appearance.


Liposuction surgery cost depends on the amount of fat removed. The price also depends on the areas of fat removal. Every procedure is personal to you and your needs, and so is the cost.

Since we know that cost is important, we welcome you to visit Antiaging Group Barcelona facilities for a free, no-obligation visit. You’ll have time to consult with the plastic surgeon, ask questions, and talk about any concerns.


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