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Jaw Fillers for A Sculpted Jawline and A Slimmer Neck!

Jaw fillers can be the perfect solution if you suffer from a poorly defined jawline due to genetics, obesity, or ageing. If exercise and dieting have proven useless, it is time to consider other options!

Dermal fillers can give you a sculpted jawline, improving facial harmony along the way and transforming the face instantly.

Indeed, even though most patients are familiar with lip fillers and other aesthetic treatments, they are unaware of the huge benefits of jawline fillers. Of course, they are typically used to get subtle results, but even the slightest change in jaw definition can greatly impact the look of your entire face and make the biggest difference!

Jaw filler treatments are an effective solution for your jawline contouring. They can provide a strong framework, enhancing the lower half of your face. This non-surgical treatment can also be combined with a skin tightening treatment for better and long-lasting results.

So, are you ready to hear everything about this minimally invasive, quick, and painless procedure? Keep reading.

What Are Jawline Fillers?

Most dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid-based gel substances and calcium hydroxylapatite (off-label use). Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural molecule present in our body with the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water.

When injected under the skin, high-quality HA fillers can stimulate collagen and elastin production. These two substances are in charge of keeping your skin tight and supple.

Also, dermal fillers restore volume by themselves. They are very thick/gel substances and have a great capacity to expand soft tissue. After all, they are supposed to replace or imitate the bone structure and stay put where they are injected.

Why Should You Have Jawline Fillers?

While some patients are born with a poorly defined jawline they are not happy with; others owe their jawline appearance to the ageing process.

As we get older, the skin loses its tightness and elasticity, giving way to jowls and wrinkles. Hence, the jawline starts to lose definition. And the corners of the mouth show their distinctive ‘marionette lines’ – wrinkles along the jawline.

Also, the progressive loss of fat tissue causes two indentations to appear along the jawline, exactly where the cheeks meet with the chin, known as the pre-jowl sulcus. Additionally, the lack of bone structure (the bones actually shrink with age) causes the jawline to lose its sharpness and definition.

Ageing aside, you could have a weak bone structure, to begin with (genetics), or a tendency to accumulate fat along the jawline if you are obese. All of these combined make for a less than flattering jawline.

What Are the Jaw Fillers’ Benefits?

Strategically placed jawline fillers add volume, create a lifting effect, fill in lines, and camouflage jowls. Also, contouring the jawline can help restore the face balance, correct asymmetry, and even improve a double chin.

With jaw fillers, your doctor can effectively sculpt your jawline, creating a defined angle from the bottom of your ear, right to your chin. Also, it can give the impression of a slimmer, elongated neck even though it won’t make your neck fat disappear.

It’s all about making a greater distinction between the lower face and the neck to give a more defined jawline. It is an illusion where filler replaces bone! A perfectly executed illusion where artistry combines with medical expertise.

However, you shouldn’t look at your jawline in an isolated way. The goal is to strive for perfect facial harmony, taking your natural structure as a whole. So, just as every face is different, the treatment will be tailored to your needs so you can be the best version of yourself!

Jawline Fillers Are Better for Men or Women?

While women aim for slimmer jawlines, men dream of chiseled profiles with perfectly angled jaws and straight lines. This is possible with a jawline filler treatment, considering and understanding both genders’ key differences in facial anatomy.

It’s all about feminine curves versus straight lines. Square jawlines versus oval/heart-shaped ones! So, dermal fillers are suitable for men and women alike to enhance their bone structure.

Jawline Fillers Vs. Botox: Which One Is Better?

First of all, Botox is not injected to fill or add volume! It is a neurotoxin that weakens muscle movements, reducing dynamic wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines on your face.

When it comes to jowls, they are not always secondary to excess fat in that area or loss of bone structure.

Sometimes, they are caused by muscle dysfunction, with the neck muscle pulling too much of the skin downward! That’s why many patients can benefit from combined procedures (Botox plus dermal fillers) to reduce the appearance of jolts and tighten the neck area.

Also, jawline fillers and Botox can provide quicker results than Aqualyx, which is a cosmetic treatment for fat-reduction only. So it all comes down to a proper diagnosis before choosing the right treatment for you.

What’s The Jaw Filler Procedure Like?

In the first consultation, your doctor will assess your case and listen to your goals and expectations to make a personalized treatment plan.

He will give you some recommendations like avoiding blood thinners (including aspirin), herbal supplements, and anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen one week before the procedure. Also, avoid drinking alcohol two days previous and having any skincare treatment containing retinol or glycolic acid.

The day of the procedure, your doctor will use a small needle or cannula to inject high-quality hyaluronic acid filler in multiple strategic points (0,25-0,5 ml per site) along the mandible.

The fillers are injected under the skin and above the bone to define the jawline and project the chin, if necessary.

Once the dermal filler is injected, your doctor may massage the treated area to ensure that the filler is evenly distributed and ends up in the right position.

How many ml of jawline fillers are used will depend on the jawline structure of the patient. In most cases, jawline contouring requires 3-8 ml for men and 2-6 ml for women. However, older patients who have experienced more volume loss may require more ml per session.

The whole process is pretty quick and could take between 30-45 minutes, with visible immediate results (even considering mild swelling). However, you should expect nearly two weeks for the fillers to settle and see the final results.

Do Jaw Fillers Hurt?

With jawline fillers, there are needles involved, but only teeny-tiny ones. Although this is not a painful procedure, your doctor could apply some lidocaine anaesthetic cream or inject the local anaesthetic directly along your jawline to numb the area. So you won’t feel pain or great discomfort.

At most, you may experience a brief pressure or an odd sensation with each injection, but not much more than that.

Are There Any Side Effects of a Jaw Filler Treatment?

Expected side effects are some swelling, bruising, redness, itching, or tenderness. However, they generally subside in 2-3 days. In case of pain, only use paracetamol.

The risk of serious complications, such as accidental injection into a blood vessel, is rare. For this reason, you must put yourself in the best hands and choose a board-certified doctor using the right technique and high-quality products. Do not cheap out when it comes to your face!

The Do‘s and Don’ts After Jawline Fillers

You shouldn’t touch your face for the first 6 hours—also, no makeup or exercise for 24 hours post-treatment.

Wash your face with water and a gentle cleanser for a few days. Also, avoid hard chewing, direct sunlight exposure, saunas, steam rooms, and facial treatments (exfoliation and peelings) for two weeks.

How Long Do Jaw Fillers Last?

Jawline fillers can last between 9-and 18 months. Hyaluronic acid fillers may last up to two years, while calcium hydroxylapatite fillers could last nearly 15 months.

Duration varies from patient to patient because it depends on the brand, the type, the amount of filler injected, the depth, and especially the metabolism. Remember that the hyaluronic acid filler breaks down over time, and your body reabsorbs it.

You could moisturize your skin regularly to help maintain the life of the dermal filler. But, considering that results start to diminish between 9-12 months, you should expect touch-ups every six months for long-lasting results.

Jaw Fillers

How Much Does a jaw filler treatment Cost?

Every procedure is personal to you and to your needs, and so is the cost.

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