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Double chin liposuction, also called submental liposuction or chin lipectomy, allows the removal of excess fat around the neck and chin. It is the solution to get rid of the infamous double chin!

A double chin is the portion of skin/fat located between the face and the upper neck. It is specifically located below your chin, hence the name. This unflattering facial feature goes well beyond ruining a selfie. It can add years to your face, giving you a tired, haggard appearance, undermining your self-confidence.

Double chins are associated with excess weight or having bad eating habits. However, it appears due to genetics, poor posture, and the natural aging process in most cases. Naturally, with the loss of collagen and elastin comes the sagging of the lower face and jowls.

No matter the cause, a double chin can affect your overall jaw definition and facial profile. However, with submental liposuction, you get the chance to get rid of this stubborn fat to get a chiseled jawline.

Is it a painful procedure? What are the results? Who is a potential candidate for this aesthetic procedure? Discover all these answers by reading this article.


Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the world. First performed in 1977, it remains the standard method to remove fat from a patient’s body.

Double chin liposuction allows removing the fat cells located below the jaw and part of the neck. It does so by using gentle suction to sculpt the chin and improve the neck contour.

The visual effect of this excess neck fat can be aggravated by a weak chin, a drooping salivary gland, or a sagging platysma muscle.

Indeed, a common misconception is that simply extra fatty tissue causes a double chin. It is not always due to obesity, aging, or genetics. It can be a combination of different factors.

No matter where this fat deposit comes from, liposuction will be effective. Overall, it will slim down your neck and give back projection to your chin. However, liposuction must be performed by an experienced board-certified surgeon after careful consideration.

Double chin liposuction


Double chin surgery is effective in treating excess fat that alters the chin silhouette. However, is not ideal for men and women who are obese. A patient with a double chin due to obesity should wait until he loses extra pounds before undergoing this procedure. To obtain optimal results, the best candidates for liposuction need to maintain an ideal weight (a normal body mass index).

Submental liposuction is considered an excellent alternative to neck lift surgery in patients with good skin elasticity. The procedure is safer, with minimal downtime and fewer bruising and scars.

After the removal of fat, the skin retracts and molds itself over the treatment areas. But, if you have too much sagging and wish to remove excess skin from the neck, you may be interested in a neck lift.

Furthermore, patients who don’t necessarily have a double chin but want to have a better face profile and chiseled chin silhouette could be potential candidates.

After all, there are multiple treatment options. However, double chin surgery recommendations are based on your skin quality, goals, and expectations.


  • It creates a significant rejuvenation effect.
  • The removed fat does not reappear because adipocytes have an incredibly low regeneration capacity.
  • This fat can eventually be reinjected in another body area through fat grafting.
  • Vaser lipo removes excess fat and has an additional skin-tightening effect to create a toned, more defined chin and neck area.


Before the surgery, your doctor will review your medical history and ask about any medical conditions you may have. Clearance from your general physician is mandatory!

The doctor will also make recommendations about medications or herbal supplements you may be taking. For example, blood thinners and anti-inflammatory medications must be suspended days before your facial plastic surgery.

Also, before the surgery, it is crucial to be or reach one’s ideal body weight. Otherwise, you won’t have long-lasting results.

During the appointment with the surgeon, the patient will discuss his goals and expectations. He can also take advantage of this consult to talk about other body problematic areas that could be treated at the same time.

The surgeon’s goal is to inform the patient of the possible outcomes and the complications so that you make an informed decision. The surgeon will also determine the best treatment plan to address your aesthetic concerns.


The principle of double chin surgery is to suck out the excess fat using a small, exceptionally fine cannula introduced through small incisions.

The surgeon will use a mixture of diluted local anaesthetic (numbs the area), and epinephrine (contracts the blood vessels) injected under the skin. This tumescent fluid causes the targeted areas to become firm and swollen, separating the fat cells from the surrounding tissue. Then small incisions are made, and fat is gently aspirated using microcannulas.

A new and minimally invasive option is to use Vaser lipo, also known as ultrasound-assisted liposuction. In this case, the surgeon makes a small, almost invisible incision to introduce an ultrasonic waves probe to help break down the fat cells and soften the fat layer.

In this procedure, the ultrasound wand is placed below the skin to melt (liquefy) the fat cells and help with the aspiration. Also, Vaser lipo is known to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Hence it helps with skin retraction.

Nearly 10-20 ml of fat could be removed through this method; more than enough to refine the chin and neck contour successfully.

Local or general anaesthetic?

Generally, a general anaesthetic is best for this procedure. Nevertheless, when there is not much fat, the procedure can be done under local anaesthetic plus sedation.

This intervention is treated on a case-to-case basis. The operation lasts about 45 minutes.

What are the risks of chin liposuction?

Double chin surgery is a safe procedure with very few complications.

Sometimes, an infection can occur, as well as skin loosening. Exceptionally, you may notice numbness, a decrease, or loss of lower lip motor skills. Although, this effect is usually temporary.

Sometimes it is difficult to predict how the skin will react after the procedure. Rarely, you may present with skin irregularities and dimples. In this case, you may need a touch-up or a second operation to remove the excess skin.

The Recovery Period

After surgery, you will have to wear a compression bandage. The pain is moderate, and the patient can leave the clinic after a few hours of rest. Analgesics will be prescribed.

The patient must keep the pressure bandage for three days. It should not get wet in the shower. Then, you will switch to a compression garment for three weeks to reduce the risk of bruising and edema.

The patient can return to work as soon as the doctor removes the pressure bandage after the 3rd post-operative day. In general, we advise taking around one week off work to allow for any swelling and bruising to subside.

Cervical swelling and bruising may be present for approximately 14 days. Also, the skin of the treated area may feel very tight. In case you have facial drains to reduce blood and fluid buildup, your doctor will usually remove them after a day or two.

Diet and exercise after the procedure are important. However, it is necessary to wait one month before resuming sports.

Vaser lipo results take around five-to-six weeks to be noticeable. The result is definitive after 3 to 6 months. This procedure offers permanent results since the fat cells are removed. However, having a healthy lifestyle is the most critical aspect of post-operative care, and you will have to keep on your ideal weight.


That’s a good question! It’s essential to choose the right position to ensure the best results. Of course, sleeping on your front or sides is not a safe position after getting a chin liposuction.

During the first two weeks, you should sleep on your back and use a couple of pillows to elevate your head. You can use some pillows around you to help you to keep the good position.

If this sounds too difficult as you can’t control your body position while sleeping, don’t panic. A short sleep on your front or sides will not affect the final results. However, try to sleep upright as much as you can. This will help your neck to have enough time to recover. You can also try to sleep in a recliner chair and keep the head elevated.

While you are sleeping, you will need to wear the compression garment at least during a week after the procedure.


Double chin surgery cost depends on the amount of fat removed. Every procedure is personal to you and your needs, and so is the cost.

Since we know that cost is important, we welcome you to visit our facilities for a free, no-obligation visit. You’ll have time to consult with the plastic surgeon, ask questions, and talk about any concerns.

We’ll identify the best solution and the best price for your double chin surgery.


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