Natural Lip Fillers

Will 1ml of Lip Filler Be Enough for You?

Years ago, lip fillers were sadly associated with ‘trout pouts’ and ‘duck lips’ thanks to incorrect filler placement or excessive amounts. However, this is a thing of the past.

With the small amount of filler, you can have a subtle yet effective plumping effect that enhances your natural lip appearance.

Behind Botox, fillers are highly requested by both young and older patients. After all, there is a decrease in elastin and collagen as we age. These proteins in our skin, including our lips, provide support and elasticity. So, it is only natural that our lips get thinner, wrinkled, and smaller.

So, you can have lip fillers to erase fine lines around your upper lip and get a rejuvenated look. Also, filler treatments can straighten crooked lips or add volume if you are young and suffer from thin lips and are unhappy with them.

But how much filler is enough? After all, even small amounts of fillers can restore natural volume and definition with beautiful results. Indeed, with lip fillers, it doesn’t apply the say go big or go home.

What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a substance normally found in our bodies. The molecule can attract water and bind to it effectively up to 1000 times its weight.

Lip filler injectables are a low-risk, non-invasive option for increasing lip volume. The procedure itself takes less than 20 minutes, and the effects, though not permanent, can last 6-8-12 months. Easy, painless, and effective!

What Can Lip Fillers Do for You?

It all comes down to adding volume, improving contour, and/or reducing fine lines around the lips. Indeed, with fillers, you can have a rejuvenated look and nourish lips that may need some extra hydration.

Fillers are also perfect if you need to address lip asymmetries or have thin lips (due to genetics) that may not necessarily go with the rest of your face. A little touch-up here and there can put your facial harmony back in check!

How Much Lip Filler Will You Need?

When it comes to lip fillers, more is not better, especially if you want natural and subtle results. Also, the lip enhancement treatment is custom-made and tailored to your case. So, your doctor will consider your facial anatomy, lip volume, lip concerns, and goals.

Most dermal fillers come in syringes of 1ml, but how much is used depends on the initial consultation. After that, your doctor will design the treatment plan and suggest the quantity of filler (generally between 0.5ml /1ml) to give you the desired results.

As a rule of thumb, if you only want to volumize “the top lip” or “the bottom lip,” 0.5ml of filler can be enough. The majority of the dermal filler will be injected in the troublesome area, while the remaining will be used to define and contour your lips beautifully.

Conversely, for those patients who want a subtle change, with hydrated/rejuvenated and slightly defined lips, 0.5ml overall is the right amount. But, if you want an instant plump of the lips and a fuller look, 1ml of lip filler is the best choice.

Although, even when choosing 1ml, this quantity is not set in stone and must be used entirely. The doctor must work to give the patient the desired outcome, and this could be achieved using 0.7ml or 0.9 ml.

Also, remember that immediately after the procedure, your lips will initially look bigger than intended. However, after the swelling comes down in a few days, you will see the final results.

Whichever the case, you must put yourself in highly skilled hands, so you have injected the right amount with the proper technique! Volume is important, but the technique is essential. Also, you may need several appointments to get the lip volume that you’re looking for.

Are Lip Fillers Painful?

Lip fillers are an injectable treatment, and as such, it requires using a needle, so slight pain and discomfort are expected.

However, the lip filler contains a numbing substance, aka local anaesthetic, called lidocaine, that works after the first injection and makes the procedure more comfortable. Also, your doctor can ice the area and apply a numbing cream before the treatment begins so you don’t feel any pain.

If you are still a little reluctant, your doctor can perform a dental block, which involves a single lidocaine injection to numb your lips. So don’t worry because there are more than a few options to make this procedure pain-free.

Natural lip fillers

What If Your Lips End Up Being Too Small or Too Big?

There is the risk of under-correction or overcorrection. The former can be easily fixed by having another round of lip fillers (adding 0,5 –1ml) in a few weeks.

On the other hand, to treat oversized lips, hyaluronic acid can be dissolved by injecting a substance called hyaluronidase.

Remember that even though oversized lips can be fixed, it is preferable to take a gentle and precise approach and inject the right amount from the get-go. When it comes to lip fillers, less is more.


The price of a lip filler treatment (1 ml Juvederm / Teoxane) is 435 euros. For patients 30 years of age, the price is 310 euros.

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