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Mid-Face Lift: The Perfect Solution for Sagging Cheeks

Should I have a mid-face lift or a traditional facelift? What is the difference? Indeed, these questions could be very hard for you to answer if you are a newcomer to the plastic surgery world.

All you know is that you look at the mirror, and you see your sagging cheeks, hollow eyes, and your youth going out the window. If this is your case, keep reading, and we will tell you everything you need to know about the mid-facelift procedure.

What Is the Mid-Face Area?

This is the face area that goes below the bottom eyelids, across the cheekbones, down to the upper lip. That’s why the mid-facelift is also known as the “cheek lift.”

When you start to age, you can notice sagging of the cheeks and hollowed under-eyes. These flattened drooping cheeks give you a tired look that could easily be fixed with a mid-face lift surgery!

Additionally, this procedure could help you with problematic areas, such as the nasolabial folds, which are the lines formed between the sides of the nose, all the way through the corner of the mouth.

Also, if you have a pronounced tear trough, which is the deep groove between the lower eyelid and upper cheek, with a mid-face lift, your surgeon could create a smooth transition in the under-eye area for a more youthful appearance.

The main goal of this procedure is to recover the natural curves and fullness of the cheeks through a repositioning of soft tissues of the mid-face area. No more sagging eyes and drooping cheeks.

Mini Face Lift vs Mid-face Lift

A traditional facelift targets the bottom half of the face, including the jawline, jolts, and neck. It does not have any impact on your cheeks.

So, if this is a problematic area for you or your main concern, you should really consider a midface lift surgery instead or as an add-on procedure to reposition your cheeks and give you a youthful look.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Mid-Face Lift?

If you are in your 40-50´s and have some sagging, but your skin still retains some elasticity, a mid-face lift procedure might be for you!

Also, it is not all about vanity. This procedure is mandatory on patients with facial asymmetry due to nerve injury or Bell´s palsy.

How Is the Mid-Face Lift Done?

This procedure is traditionally done under general anaesthetic and can last between 1-2 hrs. Typically, an incision is made in the scalp around the temple area (minimal scarring) and inside the mouth, through the underside of the upper lip.

Through these tiny cuts, instruments called endoscopes are introduced, which are tube-shaped devices with a camera in the end.

Then, the retaining mid-face ligaments are freed so that the soft tissues are released from their attachments to the underlying skeletal structures (eye socket and cheekbones). That allows to elevate the fat pads in the cheeks, as well as reposition and lift the soft tissues to a higher position, fixing them with sutures.

There is a new and innovative technique where no sutures are needed. Instead, a dissolvable implant called Midface Endotine device is placed in the targeted area to fix the soft tissues in the desired position.

This implant dissolves in a 3-6 months’ period after the tissues have had enough time to reattached to the underlying skeletal structures. It is highly effective, although a little pricey. However, you will experience less swelling and bruising. Also, you will reduce any chance of having some irregularities or dumpling of the skin, seen in some cases where sutures are used.

Mid-face Lift

What About Additional Procedures?

In some cases, a mid-face lift can be performed with a lower blepharoplasty as an additional surgical treatment to improve the appearance of the under-eye.

This will allow using the small incision under the natural crease of the lower eyelid lashes to lift the muscles vertically and round off the diagonal lift achieved through the incisions in the temporal hairline.

Additionally, some patients could choose to undergo an upper eyelid blepharoplasty surgery to rejuvenate this area and have a fresher look with no extra skin or droopy eyes!

Although, bear in mind that this procedure will not get rid of wrinkles and “crowns feet,” so you should consider Botox injections to target these concerns.

Recovery from a Mid-Face Lift

This procedure could be treated as a day case, or you could spend one night in the hospital. Expect some postoperative swelling and bruising to last between 2-3 weeks, with complete healing in approx six weeks. So you will see the final results after four months or so.

In the first days, you should use cooling packs to reduce the swelling, and rest in a sit-up position with your head raised. Also, be careful when washing your face and do so carefully, padding it rather than rubbing it.

Take it easy with your rest and medical leave of absence, although this is a less invasive procedure than a traditional facelift. You will not be able to exercise in three weeks, and strenuous activities or contact sports are out of the question until the sixth-week post-surgery.

How Risky is a Mid-face Lift?

With a mid-face lift, there are risks to be considered like bleeding, infection, pain, and under-correction. To diminish the possibility of complications, you must follow your doctor’s orders.

If you are a smoker, you will be asked to stop a minimum of six weeks before surgery and in the postoperative period because smoking is widely known to slow the healing process.

Also, you will be asked to stop taking blood thinners or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen because they can increase bleeding and bruises.

Additionally, you could experience some numbness in the surrounding areas in some cases, but rest assured that they resolve spontaneously in a 4-6 weeks’ period.

Also, if you have a blepharoplasty surgery done, expect transient blurred vision that could last up to two days, watery eyes, or dry eyes, so you will need to use artificial tears frequently.

These are minor, not long-term complications that solve in 2-3 weeks.

A Final Word

Even though a mid-facelift surgery could easily take ten years off your face, it does not stop the facial aging process! So it would help if you embraced a healthy lifestyle, as well as consider other non-surgical procedures to maintain your youthful appearance in the years to come.

In the end, the final results will be the combined effort of your highly skilled plastic surgeon and the good care that you give to your new face. So, wait no more and fill the contact form below to book an appointment with us! Start your cosmetic surgery journey, and rest assured because you will be in the best professional hands


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Bibliography & Publications:

  • Are lifting techniques for midface rejuvenation outdated? Congreso de EASAPS, Madrid 28 y 29 de noviembre de 2014.

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