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Tubular breasts are one of the reasons why women have breast augmentation surgery. It is a perfectly valid reason, even though it is not openly addressed. Actually, it can be unknown territory for many.

This condition is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. Breasts can come in different shapes and sizes! Also, you are not supposed to hate your tubular breasts. You can love them, or it’s okay to want to change them if they make you feel uncomfortable.

Either way, some women do choose to have tuberous breast corrective surgery.  This condition can result in a significant loss of body confidence and can affect your quality of life. Correction surgery can also ease your fear and anxiety, particularly if you suffer from low self-esteem or are self-conscious during intimacy.

So we are here to give you medical advice and walk you through the process! Keep on reading to learn everything about tubular breasts and the surgical treatments available for you.


Tubular breasts also called “constricted breasts” or tuberous breasts,” are the result of a congenital condition where insufficient breast tissue develops during puberty (breast hypoplasia).

The exact cause of this condition is yet unclear. However, it has been determined that tubular breasts are caused by an excess of collagen in the fascia and other connective tissue components of the breast. The result is an abnormally developed gland that completely alters the breast’s shape.

Tubular breasts are under-developed and have an unusual shape. The tissue is the same shape from the base of the breast to the tip, with limited upper pole tissue (the top cleavage area).

There is a constriction of tissue at the base of the breast that gives an elongated appearance or conical shape (like a tube) rather than being rounder.

A saggy appearance to the breasts is also due to an abnormally elevated lower breast fold (the area where the breasts meet the chest). This gives you sagging breasts that may seem pointy-looking and ‘snoopy-like’ in shape, facing downward.

Also, large or protruding nipples with a larger-than-normal areola (hypertrophy) are very common. The nipple and areola usually point downward and appear pointed or puffy. The result is narrow, sagging breasts with nipples noticeably out of balance.

Tubular breasts  condition can range from mild to severe. Other typical characteristics include a puffy areola, wide spacing between the breasts, minimal breast tissue, and a narrow base at the chest wall. The condition may interfere with the milk supply in breastfeeding women.

Sometimes only one breast is affected. In this case, a tubular breast can appear undeveloped compared to the other one. In other patients, both breasts are irregular in shape.


Tuberous breast correction surgery is a highly developed cosmetic procedure.

It is important that tubular breasts are not treated by just a simple breast augmentation surgery. It would be a mistake as breasts would continue being deformed!

With this condition, it is not always a matter of volume. It all comes down to having a constricted breast base or a narrow area for the breasts to rest on the chest wall.

Tuberous breast deformity needs quite a complex treatment which requires a plastic surgeon with wide experience in tuberosity. The surgeon must be at the forefront in using the most advanced techniques to achieve nicely shaped and natural-looking breasts.

Tubular breasts deformity may need several surgical interventions to be corrected. Actually, it is more reconstructive surgery than cosmetic surgery. The technique depends on how the shape and size need to be altered to obtain the desired results.


In simple terms, your surgeon most likely will make an incision from the bottom of the areola to the back of the breast. Then, he will have to create a new lower breast fold and lower glandular flap.

The next step would be inserting an implant into the breast area and closing up the surgical site with sutures.

Usually, this specialized breast enlargement technique entails releasing the constricted tissue, stretching out the skin, and increasing volume. However, some patients may choose a mastopexy/breast uplift to tighten the breast instead of getting implants.

Patience is key along this process. You may need two surgeries or wait almost a year to see your final results.

However, it is worth the wait. The final results are excellent and patients are satisfied!

Doctor Jesús Benito masters several surgical techniques that enable him to achieve the best results in tubular breasts correction.

1) Breast implantthe best implant to use in these cases is the anatomical implant (teardrop shape) as it reconstructs the lower zone much better.

2) Mammary gland: in many cases, it is necessary to open up the mammary gland to increase its narrow base and release the constricting area. This intervention leaves no lasting effects on the gland and is not visible from the outside.

3) Skin removal: it may be necessary to remove skin from around the areola to center it better. Sometimes, Doctor Benito will also correct the appearance of the areola, reducing its size.


The appearance of tuberous breasts can not only be improved using breast implants. They can potentially be changed through other surgical procedures, such as the tissue expansion method or autologous fat grafting.

Fat transfer is an advanced technique that has been developed in recent years  for tuberous breast correction. It is a safe procedure that gives natural results.

The grafting of the patient’s body fat allows us to change the external shape of the tubular breasts without the need for complex surgery.

With this technique, the surgeon can increase and change the breast shape where it is most necessary.

The fat is obtained by liposuction from other areas of the patient’s own body. It usually comes from the abdomen, thighs, and hips, with the additional benefit of redefining and sculpting these areas.

Also, fat transfer is a technique that prevents any possible rejection or incompatibility since no foreign objects are introduced in the body. There are fewer risks, and it is less harmful to the body.

Another great advantage is that the inserted fat cells become part of the breast, giving a completely natural appearance.

Antiaging Group Barcelona is a pioneer center in Spain that uses the technique of Dr. Coleman, which guarantees the greatest survival of the inserted fat and minimizes the incidence of cysts.


When a patient finally decides to go in for tuberous breast correction surgery, there is uncertainty and fear. However, modern photographic software allows the patient to get an idea of the final result.

Computer simulation is done to get surgeons and patients to agree on the result they want to obtain. Nevertheless, the computer simulation should in no way be considered as what the final result will be.

Undoubtedly, the surgeons and the patients are the most interested in getting the desired result. However, you just have to put yourself in the best professional hands and trust the process. Also, having great communication with your surgeon is of utmost importance!


Tuberous breast correction surgery cost depends on many factors. Without meeting the patient, we don’t offer approximate prices as each patient is a different case.

However, we are aware that the economic factor is essential when it comes to making a decision. Therefore, we offer the possibility for the patient to come to our facilities for a first free no-obligation visit.

The patient can consult the plastic surgeon with all their questions, goals, and expectations. In return, we will offer the best solution and the best price for your tuberous breast correction!


With more than 20 years of experience, doctor Jesús Benito masters several surgical techniques which allow him to achieve the best results in tubular breasts correction.

Doctor Jesús Benito is a recognized authority in Spain in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Doctor Jesus Benito - Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Jesús Benito

Specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

  • Secretary of the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).
  • Former president of the Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (AECEP).
  • 2013 Gold Medal (Forum Europa)
  • 2003 McGhan Prize: pioneer in axillary subfascial breast enlargement technique.

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