• Breast Augmentation in Spain


Breast augmentation is one of the most requested cosmetic surgeries in Spain.

The award-winner of the McGhan prize, Doctor Benito, has been a pioneer in developing the axillary procedure in breast augmentation surgery in Spain. This breast augmentation technique developed in Spain has more advantages than traditional techniques.

Breast augmentation surgery can be carried out using breast implants or with the patient’s own fat (lipofilling).


With more than 20 years of experience, Antiaging Group Barcelona is a leading clinic in Spain for breast augmentation surgery (mammoplasty). Doctor Jesús Benito masters several surgical techniques which allow him to achieve the best results in breast augmentation surgery, whether  by using breast implants or with the patient’s own fat (lipofilling).

Doctor Jesús Benito Ruiz is a recognised authority in Spain in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

FAQs about breast augmentation surgery

Currently the most reliable breast implants are silicone ones.

The most used are anatomical implants with a textured surface. These give a much more natural result not only in shape but also in the way they feel and they allow the asymmetries in the breasts to be corrected better.

The brands that Antiaging Group Barcelona works with have the approval of the American FDA agency and the European Union. Breast implants are proven brands that offer guarantees.

Currently, all breast implants used in Spain for breast augmentation have the CE marking, a card which includes the manufacturer of the implant. All medical devices must have this ticket which certifies the safety of the material.
The majority of companies give a replacement guarantee in the case of breast implant failure. The medical team at Antiaging Group Barcelona will recommend the best breast implant for you.

The operation for breast augmentation (mammoplasty) is one of the most common in Spain.

The risk of suffering problems is low, but not zero. It would be a mistake to think that breast augmentation surgery does not pose any risk. Whenever you enter an operating room there is a risk however small it may be. However, the rate of complications is about 1-2%.

Any woman who goes in for breast augmentation with implants should know that there is a possibility that she will need a replacement at some time in her life. The great advantage of the current fifth-generation breast implants is that because they are cohesive, they keep their shape and are very stable. So that it is possible that you could have a broken breast implant and not even realize it.

For breast augmentation surgery (mammoplasty) it is advisable to use general anaesthetic.

The patient is asleep during the whole operation, which permits better muscle relaxation and makes the job easier for the surgeon. The length of the operation is approximately one hour.

Both in breast augmentation and mastopexy (breast lift) one night in hospital is required, basically to control the drains. The next day the patient is free to go after the removal of the drains and the placement of a bra.

Evidently, after breast augmentation surgery, the patient will have pain for 3 or 4 days. Afterwards they could feel a pricking pain or a burning sensation but little by little the pain will recede. The breasts will be swollen for a few days, they will be very turgid and the skin will be shiny.

The result after breast augmentation surgery or a mastopexy (breast lift) is immediate, although it is necessary to wait a few months to see the final result.

For 3-4 days it is important to rest, after this time, the woman can drive and return to work. But she will have to avoid unnecessary efforts and lifting weights for 15 days.

After a month the patient can return to normal activity. At least half a year is necessary to see the definitive volume of the breast and for the sensitivity to gradually recover.

Numerous studies have been carried out which have demonstrated that women with breast implants do not have a higher risk of cancer or immunological diseases. A woman with a breast implant can get pregnant and breastfeed her child naturally. It hasn’t been proved that silicone passes to her milk.

An alternative to breast augmentation with implants is breast augmentation with fat transfer.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is recommended for women who come to have treatment for body contouring (liposuction or abdominoplasty – tummy tuck) and want to increase the volume of their breasts.

Likewise, women whose priority is breast augmentation but who have pockets of fat that can be used as donor zones.

Other possible candidates are those women who have already had a breast augmentation with implants and who show some irregularity or asymmetry that can be treated with selective lipofilling (or fat filling).

The fat is obtained by liposuction from other parts of the patient’s own body. It usually comes from the abdomen, thighs, hips and double chin.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is a technique that prevents any possibility of rejection or incompatibility. As it is the patient’s own fat, the result is less harmful for the body. Another of the great advantages of breast augmentation with own fat is that the grafted fat forms part of the breast and it ends up giving a completely natural look. Breast augmentation with fat transfer lasts about two hours and requires general anaesthetic. The postoperative period is less painful than if an implant was used.

Possibly what will be most uncomfortable is the donor zone which has been aspirated to get the fat.

Antiaging Group Barcelona is a pioneering centre in Spain in the use of the technique of Dr. Coleman which guarantees the greatest survival of the grafted fat and minimizes the incidence of cysts.

For the last several years breast augmentation surgery is being successfully carried out in which the use of breast implants and the patient’s own fat are combined (fat transfer).

This combined surgery allows us to unite the advantages of having an implant and the advantages of using the patient’s own body tissue.

The patient’s own fat is the best tool for modifying the shape of specific zones, while the implant is responsible for the projection and of the greater part of the volume. For that reason the combined breast augmentation is an ideal technique to get a harmonious balance that also fulfils the wishes of the patient to have breasts with more volume.

A common worry for women is what size of breast implant is adequate, so that it is noticeable but not excessive. To find this out, Doctor Benito uses some gauges that verify that the volume of the breast implant is the most adequate for the height and the diameter of the chest of the woman. At Antiaging Group Barcelona, he will be able to evaluate what size breast to create before enlarging the breasts, thanks to the Crisalix 3D simulation system. On the first visit, the surgeon will advise you as to which breast implant is adequate for you.

This is a recurring question that patients tend to ask. It’s logical that when a person decides to go in for breast augmentation there is a feeling of uncertainty. And here is where computer simulations come into play as they let you see a before & after result. Recent progress in photography software allows the patient to get an idea of what will be the final result that they are trying to get after the surgery.

When the surgeons use the computer simulation, it is usually so that the patient and surgeon reach an agreement on the result that they want to achieve with the surgery. But the computer simulation should in no way be considered as what the final result will be.

Undoubtedly the surgeons and the patients are the most interested in getting the desired result. But we should not forget that the plastic surgery involves working with living tissue. To change the appearance of something specific on the computer is a matter of seconds, but the computer doesn’t take into account the quality of the tissue, the thickness of the skin, how aged the skin is, and the wound healing of the tissues during the procedure nor the possible complications.

In this regard, the majority of the scientific societies don’t recommend the publication of before/after images on web pages, as there is always the question as to whether they have been manipulated. It is precisely for the adherence to these ethical principles and to avoid speculation that we don’t show photos on our website.

How much does breast augmentation surgery cost?

This is one of the first questions that our patients ask. Breast augmentation surgery cost depends on many factors. Without meeting the patient we don’t offer approximate prices as each patient is a different case. But we know that the economic factor is important when it comes to making a decision. Therefore, we offer the possibility for the patient to come to our facilities for a first free no-obligation visit. The patient can consult with the surgeon regarding all their doubts and worries. According to the characteristics of each patient, we will offer the best solution for each case.

We do not tire of repeating that when it comes to having breast augmentation surgery (mammoplasty) it is very important to go to a qualified professional and have the surgery in an accredited centre.

  • Fees of the medical team and anaesthetic.
  • Operating surgery expenses at the “Tres Torres” clinic.
  • Hospital stay
  • Implants + manufacturer’s guarantee (you will receive the card for the prosthesis).
  • Check-ups during one year with ultrasound follow-up (first clinic in Spain to do so)
  • ISAPS insurance (International Society of Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery): without any cost in the unlikely case of corrective surgery.
  • Surprise-free prices.

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    Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Spain | AGB | Dr Jesús Benito
    Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Spain | AGB | Dr Jesús Benito

    Antiaging Group Barcelona

    Ronda del General Mitre, 84, 08021 (Barcelona, Spain)

    Nearest Metro Stations: Les Tres Torres / La Bonanova

    Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Spain | AGB | Dr Jesús Benito