Abdominal surgery (also called abdominoplasty or tummy tuck) is one of the most requested cosmetic surgeries in Spain.

Abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) eliminates the excess skin and fat from the abdomen, tightening the abdominal wall muscles and achieving a flatter and firmer abdomen. Usually, the scar is located in the lower area of the abdomen, so that it is easily covered by underwear or a swimsuit.

Many women come to Spain to undergo a tummy tuck after pregnancy or after important weight loss.

An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) requires a plastic surgeon with wide experience and who is at the forefront of the most advanced techniques to get the desired results.

What does abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) involve?

Abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) is a surgical procedure which normally lasts from 2 to 5 hours and can be done at the same time as other cosmetic surgeries. It is usually common to do abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) at the same time as liposuction and/or breast augmentation. It is increasingly frequent to combine liposuction with abdominal surgery (tummy tuck), in that way reducing abdominal fat, flanks (love handles) and achieving a more contoured figure.

The incision is made making sure that the scar will be hidden by underwear. Abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) is performed under general anaesthetic. The operation requires a stay of 2 nights in the hospital. Afterwards 10 days of rest is recommended.

How is the postoperative period after abdominal surgery (tummy tuck)?

After abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) it is normal to feel a sensation of tightness for a few days due to the fact that the abdominal muscles have been reinforced.

It is necessary to use a compression garment for a few months after the abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) and to massage the abdomen area to improve skin elasticity. A reduction in the sensitivity of the area is usually noticed, which will disappear with time. In very obese patients, after abdominal surgery (tummy tuck), wound healing may take longer.

What complications could an abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) have?

Complications after an abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) are extremely rare and are related to scars that are not very aesthetic, small asymmetries or infections. Smokers are more prone to a greater number of complications and for that reason it is recommended that they give up the habit two weeks before abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) and continue to avoid smoking for another two weeks after the surgery.

What advantages does abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) offer?

There are many advantages to having abdominal surgery (tummy tuck). As well as the aesthetic advantages, it has other functional advantages. There is a great benefit for the back: lower back pain is reduced by reinforcing the musculature.

Abdominal plastic surgery (tummy tuck) isn’t a surgical treatment for excess weight. Obese individuals who want to lose weight or women who could be considering future pregnancies should postpone abdominal surgery (tummy tuck).

Is it advisable to carry out abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) at the same time as having a caesarean?

A recent study by two reputable Egyptian surgeons in AestheticPlasticSurgery shows the consequences of performing abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) when doing a caesarean. They included 50 patients and compared the results with 80 patients who weren’t pregnant who also went in for abdominal surgery (tummy tuck). In the case of the patients who had the abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) at the same time as the caesarean, the level of satisfaction was lower, the aesthetic results were worse and the complication rate was greater. Of the 50 patients, only 48% were satisfied with the result after 6 months. Furthermore, when the abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) was carried out at the same time as the caesarean, the complications increased. There were more wound infections (18% compared to 5%) wound dehiscence, that is, that the wound opened up spontaneously (6% compared to 2.5%) and skin necrosis (12% compared to 3.7%).

Therefore, to have abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) just after a caesarean is not recommended. Waiting some months is recommended.

Are the scars very obvious after abdominal surgery (tummy tuck)?

This is one of the main questions that many patients have before going in for abdominal surgery (tummy tuck). The scar tends to be long, although it is always hidden in the lower part of the abdomen, so that it can be hidden by swimwear or underwear. Only in patients who need a large amount removed will the scar be longer and horizontal and may be visible with certain kinds of underwear.

What will I look like after abdominal surgery (tummy tuck)?

This is a recurring question that patients tend to ask. It’s logical that when a person decides to go in for abdominal surgery there is a feeling of uncertainty. And here is where computer simulations come into play as they let you see a before & after result. Recent progress in photography software allows the patient to get an idea of what will be the final result that they are trying to get after the surgery.

When the surgeons use the computer simulation, it is usually so that the patient and surgeon reach an agreement on the result that they want to achieve with the surgery. But the computer simulation should in no way be considered as what the final result will be.

Undoubtedly the surgeons and the patients are the most interested in getting the desired result. But we should not forget that the plastic surgery involves working with living tissue. To change the appearance of something specific on the computer is a matter of seconds, but the computer doesn’t take into account the quality of the tissue, the thickness of the skin, how aged the skin is, and the wound healing of the tissues during the procedure nor the possible complications.

How much does abdominal surgery (tummy tuck) cost?

This is one of the first questions that our patients ask. Abdominal surgery cost depends on many factors, the quantity of fat and skin to reshape, surgery time and the additional costs associated with admission to the clinic, among others.

Without meeting the patient we don’t offer approximate prices as each patient is a different case. But we know that the economic factor is important when it comes to making a decision. Therefore, we offer the possibility for the patient to come to our facilities for a first free no-obligation visit. The patient can consult with the surgeon regarding all their doubts and worries. According to the characteristics of each patient, we will offer the best solution for each case.


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    Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Spain | AGB | Dr Jesús Benito
    Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Spain | AGB | Dr Jesús Benito

    Antiaging Group Barcelona

    Ronda del General Mitre, 84, 08021 (Barcelona, Spain)

    Nearest Metro Stations: Les Tres Torres / La Bonanova

    Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Spain | AGB | Dr Jesús Benito
    Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Spain | AGB | Dr Jesús Benito