One Stitch Facelift

The One Stitch Facelift: The Lunchtime Lift Procedure

If you want to look younger but are afraid of going under the knife, the one stitch facelift might be perfect for you!

It can be as easy as a 45 minutes visit to the doctor, with almost instant results plus little to no scarring and bruising. Too good to be true? Keep reading…

What Is the One Stitch Facelift?

The one stitch facelift is a minimally invasive rejuvenation procedure invented by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria. It is done under local anaesthetic, so you will not experience any pain. This cosmetic surgery is especially innovative and simple, yet very effective with long-lasting results and the shortest downtime possible.

The surgeon makes a tiny incision at the sideburn or in the region above the ear. Then, your own skin is de-epithelialized, and a small tunnel is made under the skin of the temporal region.

After that, the skin flap is passed through the aforementioned tunnel and fixed with “one stitch,” hence the name, allowing for a resuspension and tightening of your cheeks and jawline in an upwards motion.

Since the owns patients skin is used to anchor the face´s soft tissues, you will end up with a long-lasting natural result. A youthful appearance with less scars, bruising, and minimal downtime! No wonder this procedure is dubbed as the “lunchtime facelift.”

Am I a Good Candidate for This Procedure?

If you are in your 30´s, 40´s or even 50´s and have noticed some sagging of the skin but don´t want to undergo a full facelift, or maybe you don’t need it (according to your doctor’s opinion), this procedure could be perfect for you!

However, if you have excess skin plus poor elasticity, this facelift procedure would be less than ideal for your case, as well as highly ineffective. That’s why you should seek an experienced plastic surgeon´s opinion, so he can suggest and discuss the best options for you.

What are the Benefits of The One Stitch Facelift?

You can achieve a youthful appearance with subtle changes that will impact the overall facial structure and harmony of your face. It is a quick but effective fix to the early signs of ageing! So, what else could you ask for?

The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic within 45 minutes. You will have minimal scars, plus little swelling and bruising, so the downtime is minimal!

This facelift procedure is specially tailored for those patients who don’t want to take time off from work for recovery or those who don´t want to take unnecessary risks associated with general anaesthetic and more invasive procedures.

On top of that, you will be able to make subtle changes to your face without people bothering about having a procedure done. You will be able to take five years off your face without looking fake or with a distortion of your normal facial expression.

You will simply look like a younger version of yourself. Just like turning back the clock!

The recovery

The expected recovery for this procedure is really quick. You will not experience any bruising, and the only area that will appear to be intervened and tender to the touch will be the two small incisions around the sideburn.

You could use some ice packs to reduce the swelling and maintain your head in an upright position during the first week. Avoiding bending and stooping down is advisable.

Patients are able to go back to their normal activities the next day, and you will need between 4-7 days to completely heal.

Expected Results After the One Stitch Facelift

The one stitch facelift is specially designed to improve the midface and jawline appearance with long-lasting results for nearly five years, depending on the ageing profile, facial anatomy, skin quality, and lifestyle.

However, you might need to complement with other procedures to improve the mid-face area. You could benefit from having fat transfer or injecting dermal fillers to improve the loss of volume in the cheeks or under-eye are. Also, at your surgeons’ discretion, you could use Botox to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

When combined, the effects of these non-surgical procedures and the one stitch facelift can give you pretty amazing results, getting an overall facial rejuvenation!

Is the One Stitch Facelift the Same as the Thread Face Lift?

The one stitch facelift is often mistaken with the so-called “Thread Facelift.” However, make no mistakes; these are very different procedures, with huge differences in the results.

The thread facelift is done under local anaesthetic and uses a suture or long barbed thread with little cones along its length. They are inserted in 2-3 places on each side of the face and neck, in the problematic areas, using long and thick needles to penetrate the soft tissues.

Then, the barbed thread is pulled up so that the little cones anchor in the soft tissues underneath, tightening the skin and achieving an instant lift and younger appearance. You will be able to feel the little cones and thread beneath your skin when you touch your face, although they won’t be noticeable at sight.

Although it is less invasive, this procedure does not offer long-lasting results. Some advertise results up to 12-18 months. Also, this procedure is only useful in patients with little to mild sagging skin.

A Final Word

The one stitch facelift is ideal for patients with early signs of ageing. This procedure offers excellent results with the advantages of less scarring, bruising and overall complications!

Book a consultation right now and put yourself in the best professional hands. Our expert consultant plastic surgeon is here to walk you through the process and answers all of your questions. Find out if the one stitch facelift is the right procedure for you!

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