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Medical Solutions Barcelona works with one of the world’s most important hospitals with regard to Neurorehabilitation. The Institut Guttmann (Guttmann Institute) is a hospital specialized in the rehabilitation of people with a serious injury of the nervous system: spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, cerebral palsy and other severe pathologies of a neurological origin.

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The centre is excellently equipped with the most advanced technology. It has 152 beds, 16 of them are completely monitored, 70 day hospital places, 1 surgical block with 2 operating rooms and two resuscitation beds.

The Institut Guttmann is one of the few Spanish hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission International, one of the organizations with the best reputation in the international healthcare industry, which certifies that the Institut Guttmann meets international quality standards of health care and the management of the organization.  It also has the European accreditation of EMAS relating to the respect and active protection of the environment.

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With more than 50 years of experience, the Institut Guttmann is an international benchmark in neurorehabilitation. More than 4,500 patients are attended to each year and at the same time 300 advanced surgical interventions are carried out. The majority of the patients come on the recommendation of some medical specialist in their country who know the institution well, or because of the recommendation of another patient.

The 44 doctors that work in the centre are highly qualified and specialized in a specific area which guarantees a completely personalized treatment for each patient. The team is noted for its human touch, always dealing with the patient in a close, respectful way.


The high success rate of the procedures carried out results in complete customer satisfaction. Many new patients come to the Institut Guttmann on the recommendation of previous satisfied patients.

Customer satisfaction surveys are undertaken regularly which make it possible to know the level of satisfaction of patients and family members. The latest survey revealed a 95% overall satisfaction rate.

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The centre provides the patient with a specialized, comprehensive, continuous and personalized care.

Some of the factors that contribute to patient comfort are the year-round mild climate of Barcelona, the excellent Mediterranean diet and the location of the facilities themselves, located just 9 km from the centre of the city. It can be easily reached by adapted public transport and as well as that it has 307 parking places, 63 of them adapted for wheelchair use. The Institut Guttmann is located in a pleasant environment with 10,400 m2 of green zone, surrounded by woodlands and with great views of the sea and the city of Barcelona.

Treatments offered

spinal cord injury
brain injury
traumatic brain injury (TBI)
cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
cerebral lalsy
multiple sclerosis
Parkinson’s disease

post-polio syndrome
Guillain-Barré syndrome
intravenous immunoglobulin
immunoglobuline intraveineuse (IgIV)


Jonathan Hayden – Tetraplegia (Institut Guttmann – Guttmann Institute)

Jonathan is an Irish patient who suffers a tetraplegia as a result of a surfing accident. Currently, Jonathan is in the Institut Guttmann (Guttmann Institute) performing a neurorehabilitation specialized treatment.

A.Krupka (father of Artem) – Severe head injury, spastic tetraparesis and dysarthria (Institut Guttmann – Guttmann Institute)

After the second operation, the doctors didn’t even give him a 20% chance of coming out of the operation alive. Nevertheless he survived. It has been a fight and a struggle that have let him get through it.

When Artem arrived at the Institut Guttmann (Guttmann Institute), he had a severe head injury, spastic tetraparesis and dysarthria among a series of other cognitive problems.

I was really impressed by the treatment of the medical personnel in general and of Doctor Kumru; we had never received such treatment before. It shows that they are true specialists, professionals in their field and that they know what they are doing.

I am present during his physical rehabilitation, the speech therapy and the sessions with the neuropsychologists. I can see what they do with him and it’s obvious that they know what they’re doing.

All of the rehabilitation is aimed at getting the patient to walk by themselves, as a normal individual and that they may be able to get back into society in the best way possible.

Now Artem can walk, he needs less and less help, he responds to nearly everything and he expresses himself much better.

Each person does their bit in the rehabilitation process, with the goal of getting closer to the day when he will stand on his own two feet by himself. This fills him with energy and keeps him going. Artem is very happy because he can walk, talk and his memory has improved considerably.

Safina (mother of Daniil) – Traumatic brain injury (TBI) with multiple skull fractures

(Institut Guttmann- Guttmann Institute)

They hit my son savagely and as a result, he suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) with multiple skull fractures. He was in a coma for 11 months.

Daniil started rehabilitation at the Institut Guttmann (Guttmann Institute) 2 months ago. He is progressing quickly, he can now say some words and he is working through the cognitive problems using a computer.

It was very nice to discover that the doctor who was treating us spoke our language, which is an enormous plus which helps you a lot in your dealings and in daily tasks. As well as that she is a true professional, always very attentive and very human. She knows what she’s doing.

A year and a half after receiving the trauma, Daniil has improved a lot, he is responding well, the truth is that his development is getting better and for that reason I think he can go further.

Our main objective is to improve his cognitive functions and the most important thing is that he will be able to start to talk.

To all the personnel at this marvellous hospital: I truly wish that you keep on doing the great job that you are doing, returning life, illusion and health to your patients.

I really appreciate all your efforts and I am sure that in the end, thanks to everyone, we will achieve our goal. Thank you!

I.Batysheva (mother of Maxim) – serious neck injury and implantation of diaphragmatic pacemaker (Institut Guttmann – Guttmann Institute)

In May 2011 there was an accident in the north of Buryatia. The car was going very fast, it was doing more than 100 km/h and it ran over two children. One of them died immediately. For over two and a half years we were searching for clinics which could implant the pacemaker because in Russia these kinds of operations don’t take place.

Doctor Joan Vidal (Head of the spinal injury unit at the Institut Guttmann): “The case of Maxim is probably one of the most serious neck injuries that could happen to a child after suffering an accident. He’s a child who because of his injury being so high up will depend on mechanical ventilation for the rest of his life. He can’t breathe for himself, and the possibility in this case of implanting a diaphragmatic pacemaker which will allow him to progressively break free from the dependence on the ventilator is probably one of the most interesting successes that we could give to this kind of patient.”

Now he has much more mobility, we can take the wheelchair and go for a walk. And this for us is the main thing.

As well as that, the truth is we are tired of the machine, the tubes and the cables.

Right now Maxim can breathe on his own for an hour, and each time he will be able to breathe for longer. He doesn’t always need a machine to breathe, and this will help him to have a more independent life.

I want to thank everyone for the treatment we have received and the doctors, for the excellent operation. We have many photos of happy moments. The personnel are so happy, and so united. Maxim loves them very much and they love him too. Thank you!

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