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ENDOSCOPIC SLEEVE GASTROPLASTY. Gastric sleeve. Servidigest: get to know the reference clinic in Spain.

The endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (gastric sleeve) is a non-invasive technique with a low complication rate.

Since it is an endoscopic procedure and no external incisions are made, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is a safe method.

Endoscopic gastric sleeve reduces the capacity of the stomach orally. So, there is no need to open any access route.

Servidigest Medical-Surgical Center (Barcelona, ​​Spain) is a center specialized in the treatment of obesity. The clinic is run by Doctor Josep Merlo Mas, a recognized authority on the digestive system.

Servidigest Center (Barcelona, Spain) Digestive System Specialists

Frequently asked questions about the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty:

The endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is an Endoscopic Stomach Reduction system.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is indicated for the treatment of Obesity. It is also called Endoscopic Gastric Sleeve, Restrictive Vertical Gastroplasty, EndoSleeve or Endoscopic Sleeve. Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is a restrictive technique performed with the Apollo Endosurgery Overstitch Endoscopic Suture System.

The procedure is performed endoscopically and it consists of creating a series of internal sutures in the stomach wall. Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty reduces the size of the gastric cavity and avoids its distension. As a result the gastric emptying of food slows down what causes an effect of early satiety and the feeling of hunger is delayed.

The Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is a non-invasive technique with a low complication rate. It is an endoscopic procedure with which no external incisions are made. Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is a safe method that reduces the capacity of the stomach orally without the need to open any access route.

Gastric sleeve is not painful and usually entails a quick recovery that allows the patient, in most cases, to start a practically normal life after discharge.

In the latest publications related to endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, patients have achieved a loss of excess weight of 55.3% at 6 months, 54.9% at 1 year and 62% at 18 months.

After the endoscopic sleeve intervention, a follow-up program is established in order to achieve the necessary weight loss. So, it is thanks to the results of the technique and to the nutritional and lifestyle changes established by the multidisciplinary team specialized in the digestive system, endoscopy, endocrinology, nutrition and clinical psychology that the weight loss is achieved.

Type I obesity with associated morbidities.

Type II obesity.

Type III obesity with few morbidities, or patients who reject surgery.

Other alternative indications: Patients with obesity type IV (superobesities with BMI> 50 kg / m2) who do not want to undergo a surgical treatment or patients who present contraindications to surgical treatment.

1-Blood test: complete blood count, coagulation, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphate, magnesium, urea, creatinine, estimated glomerular filtration rate (MDRD), glucose, HbA1c, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, uric acid, AST , ALT, FA, GGT, total bilirubin, albumin, ferritin, iron, transferrin saturation index, folic acid, vitamin B12, calcidiol, TSH. 24-hour urine test: cortisol-free. Albumin/creatinine.

To save time, we recommend carrying out these exams at home. Usually results take 5 to 6 days. That’s why it’s better to do them before, so as not to delay your stay in Barcelona. But if you prefer, they can be made with us.

2-A consultation with specialist in digestive system to exclude digestive pathologies, request a study with digestive endoscopy, H. Pylori test, and answer all your questions regarding the surgical procedure.

The consultation will also allow us to know your clinical history: age, degree of obesity, associated metabolic diseases, absence or presence of other serious diseases.

A digestive endoscopy will be scheduled.

3-A consultation with specialist in psychiatry to exclude psychiatric illnesses, eating disorders or drug addiction, which limit or hinder the proper monitoring and effectiveness of the treatment. The specialist must know the patient’s expectations; he must explain the risks of the intervention and the postoperative follow-up. If the patient does not have a report from his/her psychiatrist, the consultation can be done on site (price of the consultation and report: 200 euros – included in the quote).

If all the results are correct, we will schedule the visit with the anesthesiologist and the date of the intervention. (The chest EKG and X-ray can be done here in Barcelona at the clinic, on the same day)

Obesity is according to the WHO (World Health Organization) one of the great epidemics of the 21st century. Its increase is due to poor eating habits and a lack of physical exercise.

Obesity causes the appearance of other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, osteoarticular degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, psychological disorders (anxiety, depression), sleep apnea, gynecological, digestive and liver disorders. It also may increase the probability of having uterine and colon cancer.Being overweight is a disease that evolves towards obesity, therefore, it is important to slow its progression before it affects the patient’s health significantly.

How much does endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty cost?

The cost of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty at Servidigest Barcelona clinic (Spain) is 10,700 euros.

It includes:
Preoperative exams (blood test, EKG, chest X-ray)
Digestive endoscopy, H. Pylori test
Visit with psychiatrist
Preoperative visit
Visit with anesthesiologist
Surgery team fees
Anesthesia team fees1 day hospital stay
Bed and meals for accompanying person
Medical suppliesMedicines during hospital stay
Postoperative visits, follow-up for 12 months

4 reasons why you can trust in Servidigest Medical-Surgical Center (Barcelona, Spain):

Endoscopic Sleeve gastroplasty - Servidigest Clinic (Spain)


Servidigest has facilities equipped with the most advanced instrumentation. The centre has 15 consultations, 4 endoscopy rooms and 1 operating room for major outpatient surgery. It opts for a constant improvement that permits it to meet international quality standards for medical care.

Endoscopic Sleeve gastroplasty - Servidigest Clinic (Spain)


Over the last 40 years, more than 120,000 patients have put their trust in Servidigest. The centre has a team of highly qualified specialists

Endoscopic Sleeve gastroplasty - Servidigest Clinic (Spain)Satisfaction

The high success rate of the procedures carried out results in complete customer satisfaction. Many new patients come to the clinic on the recommendation of previous satisfied patients.

Endoscopic Sleeve gastroplasty - Servidigest Clinic (Spain)Guaranteed confort

Some of the factors that contribute to patient comfort are the year-round mild climate of Barcelona, the excellent Mediterranean diet and the location of the facilities themselves, in the very centre of Barcelona. It can be easily reached by adapted public transport.

If you wish, you can book an appointment with endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty specialists in order to analyze your case and offer you the best solution.

If you want a quote, please send a recent medical report.

You can also contact us on WhatsApp or Viber at +34 657 460 421.

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