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Everything You Need to Know About a Brazilian Butt Lift

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure done to inject fat and improve the shape and appearance of your buttocks. Some people might call it a Brazilian bum lift or bbl surgery. However, the bbl procedure is not really a lift surgery, as its name suggests.

People chose bum lifts for a variety of reasons. Some have found limited success in changing the shape of their bum through diet and exercise. Others want their clothing to fit better or want to feel more confident in a bathing suit.

However, we live in an era of social media and big-time celebrities. So, most people want results that can only be achieved through buttocks augmentation or fat grafting that is done by a cosmetic surgeon.

Brazilian butt lifts add curves and improve your body’s proportions while removing fat from problematic areas. It creates the famous Kim Kardashian look.

How is a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Done?

The procedure is specific to each patient. So it’s important to speak to your plastic surgeon ahead of time. But some steps are common to most procedures.

Most BBL procedures are performed under general anesthesia. In a few minimally invasive cases, the procedure might be done under local anesthetic plus sedation.

First, your plastic surgeon removes fat cells from another area of your body using liposuction. Some people call this fat transfer or fat grafting. Common areas for fat removal are the hipsstomach, and thighs.

Next, the removed fat is purified and then carefully injected into strategic areas of your buttocks. This improves the shape, creating a rounder, fuller look. The surgeon uses small incisions for this process.

Brazilian butt lift surgery gives beautiful and natural results. It increases the size and improves the contour of your butt. Also, you get the added bonus of an overall more balanced figure.

If you are very lean or don’t have enough fat storage, the plastic surgeon could recommend buttock implants. This is a more invasive procedure that requires a longer recovery.

But don’t worry! Of course, your surgeon will discuss the different surgical options with you and create the right treatment plan for your needs.

Side Effects of Brazilian butt lift Surgery

A Brazilian butt lift is considered safe because the doctor is using your own fatty deposit. You are not inserting a foreign implant into your body that could be rejected or cause allergic reactions.

However, like any medical procedure, there may be some side effects. It’s very important to choose an experienced licensed cosmetic surgeon who runs a legitimate medical clinic. Look for someone who is educated in the latest procedures and committed to your safety.

Sadly, some people are offering many procedures at discount rates. However, these may come at a cost to your health and safety. A Brazilian butt lift should give you great results and leave you feeling healthy and fit. Choose your practitioner carefully.

General side effects may include infection, scarring, pain, and lumps (either where fat was removed or inserted). Bbl procedures have also shown a higher death rate than any other cosmetic procedure—and yet it remains one of the most popular procedures. However, this is a thing of the past.

The fatal complication is called fat embolism. Fat droplets injected in the butt can enter through the gluteal blood vessels, travel through the bloodstream, and cause a pulmonary embolism.

It was later proven that the risk substantially increases when fat is injected into the gluteal muscle instead of the subcutaneous plane. The key is to inject above the layer containing the gluteal blood vessels! So, with these modifications of the technique, the BBL procedure is now considered considerably safer than previous years.

How to Get the Best Results After a Brazilian Butt Lift

Following all of your plastic surgeon’s recommendations helps to lower risks and improve results. But it’s important to note that aftercare is of utmost importance during the recovery. Hence, the results can vary from person to person.

After fat grafting, you’ll need to take a few weeks off work because you won’t be able to sit on your buttocks, and you will have to sleep on your stomach. Only after ten to fourteen days could you use a pillow when sitting so that there is no pressure on your buttocks.

The “no sitting” part of the recovery is crucial! When it comes to the injected fat, approximately 50% of it won’t take in its new location, and it is reabsorbed. This is a detail that surgeons consider, and they usually end up injecting a slightly greater amount.

Nevertheless, if you don’t follow these recommendations and apply direct pressure on your buttocks, even more fat could be reabsorbed, leading to suboptimal results. Hence, normal sitting activity is typically allowed after eight weeks or so.

During the recovery, there may be some swelling during this time, and you will have to use a compressive garment. So it’s a good idea to plan your plastic surgery when it’s not bikini season!

Most people find that the best results show about six months after their procedure. Some plan another follow-up procedure a few years later, and others don’t need further plastic surgery.

To guarantee long-term results, you must be on your ideal weight at the moment of surgery, and it essential that you don’t have any weight fluctuations. Those who have a healthy lifestyle and don’t smoke generally experience the best results.

How Much Does a Fat Transfer Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

The cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift depends on the amount of fat removed. The price also depends on the areas of fat removal and the amount of fat that’s re-injected. Every procedure is specially tailored for you, and so is the cost.

Since we know that cost is important, we welcome you to visit our facilities for a free, no-obligation visit. You’ll have time to consult with the plastic surgeon, ask questions, and talk about any concerns.

We guarantee the best solution and the best price for your Brazilian butt lift!

Why Choose Doctor Benito for Your Brazilian Butt Lift in Spain?

We’re so glad you asked! With over 20 years of experienceDoctor Jesús Benito is one of the best board-certified plastic surgeons in Europe.

He’s a worldwide authority in plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery, and he’s pioneered many new techniques and surgical processes.

Doctor Jesús Benito is a member of many international plastic surgery organizations, has won numerous awards, and is dedicated to his patients.

His world-class medical center in Spain is sought out for its excellence and state-of-the-art procedures. Also, a highly trained team supports Doctor Benito and provides excellent care for every patient.

Doctor Jesús Benito: Publications:

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    Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Spain | AGB | Dr Jesús Benito
    Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Spain | AGB | Dr Jesús Benito

    Antiaging Group Barcelona

    Ronda del General Mitre, 84, 08021 (Barcelona, Spain)

    Nearest Metro Stations: Les Tres Torres / La Bonanova

    Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Spain | AGB | Dr Jesús Benito
    Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Spain | AGB | Dr Jesús Benito