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Are you looking for a quick and painless body sculpting treatment to have a perfect figure?

Sometimes no matter how much exercise you do or if you eat healthy, some stubborn fatty deposits just won’t go away; especially around the abdomen, outer thighs, and upper arms.

Non-surgical body sculpting may be the perfect solution for you. It is a slimming method that incorporates several body contouring treatments. This type of ‘subtle surgery’ has become really popular to enhance curves while giving the body a toned effect.

Of course. There are surgical procedures to help you eliminate fat for good, such as surgical liposuction, tummy tuck, thigh lift, and neck lift. However, they could be a little drastic if the problem is relatively small or if you are afraid of going under the knife.

So, if you count yourself among the people who dream of having the perfect body but don’t want to suffer for beauty, read this article. You will learn more about these non-surgical fat removal techniques.


This procedure, also called non-surgical body contouring or non-surgical liposuction, is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures today. It is considered a minimally invasive fat-dissolving procedure with zero downtime and excellent results.

It uses innovative and safe technology suitable for both men and women and is ideal for working effectively on small areas of fat. You could get up to 55% fat reduction. Although, 25% to 30% is a more realistic goal.

However, bear in mind that non-surgical body sculpting is not a good option for those who want to lose a significant amount of fat. This procedure is not a weight-loss treatment! It is designed to work along and increase the effectiveness of a healthy diet and exercise.

Also, if the thought of traditional liposuction surgery makes you shudder, this technique is sure to please you. The recovery time is down to zero. You will be stress-free and able to resume your activities as soon as the session is over.

With non-surgical body contouring, there is no risk of infection or scarring.  Moreover, you could see a cellulite reduction and improvement in skin texture. This translates into a smoother and tighter look with no lumps or dimples.

The three main methods available are CoolSculptingRadiofrequency, and Ultracavitation. They can use lasers, heat, cooling, or ultrasound waves to “destroy” fat cells and turn them into metabolic products to be naturally removed from the body.

Every option can give you great results depending on your body type and aesthetic goals.


Non-surgical body sculpting has a lot of benefits, such as:

  • no incisions, no pain, no scars
  • less-to-no recovery time
  • less swelling and no infections
  • not a lot of pre-procedure preparation

However, it has some limitations that every patient should be aware of:

  • dramatic results may take weeks or months
  • several treatments may be required
  • not ideal for difficult or large areas of fat
  • is not a weight-loss treatment


The CoolSculpting procedure is ideal for treating belly fat. This highly effective non-surgical body sculpting procedure uses fat freezing or cryo-lipolysis technique to destroy fat cells.

The fat area is sucked into a cold-plated cup using a vacuum. The walls of this cup keep in contact with the skin for nearly an hour, reaching temperatures between -4 and -7 degrees centigrade.

When the cup is removed, the treatment area will feel solid to the touch and will require massaging to return to its normal shape. This is highly effective on the abdomen, hips, love handles, legs, and buttocks.

The principle of this technique considers that fat cells are more vulnerable to cold temperatures compared to the muscles and skin, blood vessels, or nerves. However, the freezing process won’t damage the surrounding tissues.


Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) is a procedure first introduced in Canada. It works by producing an electric field over the skin. The electric field quickly shifts polarity millions of times per second, causing a change in the orientation of charged particles. This causes a fracture of the adipocytes (fat cells), which in turn dissolve gradually. Then, the fatty components are eliminated through the lymphatic system.

When radio-frequency energy is used along with lasers, together, they generate focused heating below the skin’s surface. This “melts” pockets of fat and cellulite without affecting the surrounding vessels and nerves.

RFAL is a highly effective technique that destroys stubborn fat. It is a pain-free procedure with excellent results on the body. Additionally, this passive heating of the skin will induce collagen remodeling to a limited degree.

This no-scalpel liposuction is the ideal solution for patients who fear surgery. It is also popular among patients who have specific medical conditions and can’t undergo traditional liposuction.

Accent Prime radiofréquence visage radiofréquence ventre

Each protocol is specially designed for you, considering the skin quality. So, there will be fewer or more radiofrequency sessions scheduled. The RFAL device passes over the targeted area, and it can heat up to 60 degrees. The heat will lead to the retraction of collagen fibers and fatty tissue. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes.


Radiofrequency not only helps to eliminate excess fat but is also beneficial in skin tightening. It is effective in combating sagging skin and cellulite. The high-frequency waves promote the production of collagen and elastin by retracting the fibers. So, in a single treatment, you can obtain double the benefits!

It is a method that will improve skin tone and firmness. The results obtained are long-lasting, provided that the person adopts a healthy lifestyle, of course.

This program can treat the stomach, face, saddlebags, thighs, and buttocks, among others. Every session lasts nearly 90 minutes, and you can see results in a short period. Usually, after 4-8 treatments scheduled 7-10 days apart.


Complications such as the burning of the skin may happen, but it is rare. When quality devices are used, the procedure poses minor risks. Usually, this may occur when the device is not adjusted correctly or when the plastic surgeon insists too long on the same area. However, there are some absolute contraindications:

  • metal implants.
  • patients who have a pacemaker
  • pregnant women (it is necessary to wait for 6 to 9 months postpartum)
  • people using an insulin pump

If you have rosacea, dermatitis, or any other type of irritation, you should consider postponing your session. Moles are not a contraindication, but it is preferable to avoid the procedure if you have them.


The first results are visible at the end of the session. Depending on the protocol and number of sessions, the volume of fat reduces progressively. Furthermore, the skin will look tighter with less cellulite.

However, for all body shaping techniques, the destruction of fat cells happens through a physical reaction. So, the fat removal cannot take place in one go. It takes 2 to 3 months for the body to eliminate all the destroyed cells through lymphatic drainage and urine.

When fat cells are removed or destroyed, they do not grow back. However, any remaining fat cells can increase in size and volume over time. This can be due to a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

So, once you complete the protocol, the results are expected to last 1-2 years. As long as you get regular treatments (maintenance session once per month) and don’t have any important weight fluctuations.

After every session, you may present a little redness of the skin or may feel slight pain and numbness. These sensations disappear within a few days. This method may also cause swelling and bruising, but these will last only a few weeks.

The doctor may massage any area of the body treated at the end of the session. It helps to destroy the fat cells and stimulate venous/lymphatic circulation. The patient can repeat this routine daily to speed up the benefits of the treatment.

No recovery time is required. The patient can resume his activities immediately after the procedure.

Body sculpting - Non surgical liposuction


Ultracavitation uses low-frequency sound waves to fracture fat cells. It turns their contents into free fatty acids that are eliminated by the lymphatic system. Focused ultrasound cavitation causes millions of air bubbles to surround fat cells. With its resonant frequency (vibrations), the bubbles end up causing high pressure and break the fat cells up instantly.

The broken fat cells components, called triglycerides, are then moved to the liver to be metabolized and eliminated in the urine. At this stage, it is very useful to drink plenty of water on the day of treatment.

In your first session, a handheld ultrasound probe is placed over the treatment site doing circular movements. The procedure could take up to an hour. However, it is very comfortable. This separates it from other treatments that can be a little painful or give you a sensation of heat and discomfort.

This non-surgical body sculpting technique is ideal for small fat areas. It is used on the abdomen, hips, upper arms, and buttocks. So, it’s not very limited in terms of what fat it can target. It also has a skin-tightening effect.

Moreover, the treatment has no side effects, such as redness or bruising. You may feel slightly thirstier, but nothing that is long-lasting or fixed by drinking lots of water before and after the treatment.


In short, non-surgical body sculpting is the ideal solution for patients who want to have a perfect figure without all the hassle that comes with surgery.

However, these procedures are not for patients looking for fat reduction without commitment to a healthy lifestyle and exercise. To obtain long-lasting results with this body sculpting method, exercising and dieting are essential.

Modern technologies used are comfortable and allow you to resume normal activities immediately, unlike traditional surgery. Little to no pain and zero downtime. The treatments are also safe. They comply with health and safety regulations. They also are less risky because, unlike their classic counterpart, they don’t require anaesthesia or an operating room.

However, you must discuss with your surgeon the expected outcome, considering your body type and distribution. Non-surgical fat reduction works for the right patient! Patience and consistency are key. Limited results over a long period of time might not be for you. In those cases, you can always turn to traditional liposuction.


Non-surgical body sculpting cost depends on the technique chosen. The price also depends on the areas of fat removal. Every procedure is personal to you and to your needs, and so is the cost.

Since we know that cost is important, we welcome you to visit Antiaging Group Barcelona facilities for a free, no-obligation visit. You’ll have time to consult with the plastic surgeon, ask questions, and talk about any concerns.

We’ll identify the best solution and the best price for your non-surgical body contouring treatment.


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